My Internet Death–I CAN EXPLAIN! (Kind of ^^”)

I’m so sorry I haven’t been on! I’ve been kind of lazy ^^”

What have I been so busy with? Well…

First off–GOOD NEWS! My friend and I now have fabric for our dresses! ^^ I found PERFECT stuff.

Bad news: We kind of still don’t know how to sew ^^

But there’s more good news: my grandmother is apparently excellent at sewing (I really did not know that, but it’s cool!), so she’s going to help us!

Bad news: She won’t be back until after October 31st.

Good news: This gives me time to work on my Astrid costume!

Anyway, my friend kind of got me obsessed with the princess doll maker. We made princesses–it was fun! ^^

I randomly decided, in my procrastination, to make multiple random princesses.

I attempted to make the Hogwarts houses; I didn’t intend to follow any stereotypes, but I kind of ended up doing so ^^”





I think Slytherin came out the best! Ravenclaw came out kind of strange–I’m sorry! I just couldn’t find a good Bronze color TT_TT

Also, I made a few Battle of the Beings Character before realizing I was wasting my life when I could be working on my projects that are due Monday and Wednesday!


(I tried to make her look fire-y, but she came out looking more Gryffindor-y–I’m sorry! TT_TT)


Raven Avelina:



Thunder Ninja:

Maybe I’ll get around to the others later–GAH, I don’t know! TT_TT I’m sorry for the people I excluded!

If you want me to make your character, let me know! I’m always glad for an excuse to waste time ^^

Thanks to Dolldivine for the great dollmaker!

Another thing I’ve been busy with is peeing myself and having heart attacks! AAAH!

For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to watch a walkthrough of a really creepy game–NO. It was NOT a good idea. So now I’m, like, totally scared, and every time someone says something or makes a sudden movement, I’m like, “OH MY GOSHNESS I’M GOING TO DIE–Oh, hi, Mom!” (breaks down into nervous laughter)

Soooooooooo–yes. Those are my excuses.

I’m going to sleep with a nightlight tonight! AAAAAAH! I’m glad I have Hiccup to protect me.

And just for kicks, I made Rapunzel! Well, I tried to, but failed ^^”


15 thoughts on “My Internet Death–I CAN EXPLAIN! (Kind of ^^”)

  1. The princess versions of the BotB’s look amazing! I’ll see if I can make an RC! And you’re welcome to try as well!

    The good/bad news, at least you had fun with your friend!

  2. bwaahahahahaha, Tridah in a crown.. xDDD
    I think it fits, becausee….umm…Well remember the whole tiara thing with the jewels or diamonds or whatever with that one aunt and the projector?
    Uh…yeah…that side-quest… o:
    **awkward silence xDD **

      1. Eh, I like red and yellow, but my character Tridah would’ve liked it better if it was like black and red or something..becausethatwouldbeawesomeandAkujiwouldtotalyapprove.

  3. HUZZAH– oh and, un huzzah. 😦 I’m sorry! But if your grandmother’s good at sewing, then that’s a plus!

    The dolls look super pretty! I really like Slytherin’s dress! Also, thanks for making Raven Avelina too! 🙂 She looks super cool.

    GAH! Scary T__T I have that feeling too, everytime I see something creepy ^^; (OH MY GOD IT’S THE WEEPING ANGELS–)

    Rapunzel! ^^

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