Linkin Park obsessions.

OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING. TT-TT. I am really sorry I have been so busy. -__-.

Well, on Thursday I finished up my homework real fast and got to go hang out with my buds. We talked about Izzy’s epic dream, talked about Eric’s brother(who I am now stalking…) and yea more stuff.

I am a stalker cause I am stalking Izzy’s boyfriend and his brother. So weird aren’t aii?

Well, then you know this guy I used to like named Enzo? Well, I HATE him for some reason. And my friend recently confirmed he liked me.. I really can’t soak up this boy DRAMA..

Oh, anyways on Thursday I touched and saw a real pig lung. 0.0 And also this dude named Paul likes to annoy me by saying there are FLOWERS in the lungs. Also, Dimitri was such a tomgirl. He WOULD NOT go up and see the lungs I mean like all the girls did. 0.0

Oh, and since I can’t participate in gym I was super bored and I had no homework to do I just doodled ugly pictures.


Well, then on Friday I went to the hospital and got a blood test. I am getting used to them. Also, I am getting my first bruise which is one step closer to IV’S! EEK!

Anyways, I decided to experiment on music choices. So I went to rock punish emo styles. Which resulted me in LOVING green day and Linkin Park. I really don’t like Evanescence so don’t kill me in my sleep please. 0.0

Well, adios chicos and chicas! (I am a Spanish addict now.)

Oh and what happened to RCG, Nireth and like everyone else. Sorry for the long boring draggy post…


4 thoughts on “Linkin Park obsessions.

  1. Linkin Park and Green Day are great! I just wouldn’t label them as punkish-emo…

    And you’re not weird! Congrats on the A though!

  2. Linkin Park and Green Day rock! ^^ I don’t listen to them as much as I’d like to, though; mostly because they don’t sing about Vikings ^^

    Oh, it sounds like you had fun!

    You doodled ugly pictures!? No! I’ll bet they were beautiful! ^^

    Congratulations on your A! Math tests can be hard–I know I always have trouble focusing! ^^”

    Aww, I hope your bruise gets better! TT_TT Where’s Rapunzel with her healing incantation when we need her? TT_TT

    1. Yup they do. Aha. Well, they really don’t sing about Vikings. xDD.

      Yes yes I did!

      They were. I really didn’t spend any time on detail. But thank you for caring. ^^.

      Yea. I feel proud. I always freak out on tests. Aw. I hope in the future you can concentrate! -_-.

      It actually wasn’t a bruise! ^^.

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