Gotta Get Down on Friday.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Today had been…. Nuts.

-I made this goop stuff that’s a liquid and a solid at the same time in Science. We tried cutting it with an Exact-O Knife. We were told to tell the teacher immediately if we got a cut and someone said, before we even got the Exact-O Knives, “I got a paper cut with the handout you gave me!”  The goop stuff is fun to play with and it’s messy.

– We found out when the JR. High dance is. And it’s a costume party. I’ll actually go this year, because none of my friends went and because I’m socially awkward without them, I didn’t go either.  (Seriously, I’ll do almost anything for or around my friends.)

– Study Hall was crazy. Friday is Free Time day and I got hit in the leg with a “Harry Potter” book. I’m pretty sure it was the 7th one, because it caused a bruise.

– We played baseball in Gym, and I got hit by the ball. It didn’t hurt as much as the book, but I’m pretty sure they’re out to get me.

  • I found a bullet selection!


  • I was asked “Why I act so weird” and “What’s wrong with you?” by an 8th grader. Unlike her, I have feelings…. and a soul.
  • I really want “Stuttering” by Fefe Dobson ,but It’s $1.29 for the song on iTunes. It’s probably ’cause it’s popular and they want loads of money for it. I could get “Watch Me Move” for cheeper.  My sister bought a bunch of these slow love songs. At least she paid me back. Because she’s amazing.And now, continuing this post from my iPod because I was kicked off the computer…

    I had to rinse my hair in the sink, because the storm got worse and I still had shampoo in my hair.

    -I’ll get to see both of my cousins tomorrow. My cousin’s college is having an open house thing.

    – And now, I must go to bed, because I have to get up early. -_-




2 thoughts on “Gotta Get Down on Friday.

  1. Well, better the shin then the head right? (I hit myself with the 7th in the head xD)
    Same thing! I would do ANYTHING to be with my friends.
    But if I’m not with them I’ll start thinking that they don’t like me anymore as a friend and then crawl into my closet and sit there. Then I’ll talk about ponies in there. xD
    That once happened to me. Except it was just some mean snobby girl saying
    What do you use?
    Well, there’s 2, but the 1st one was in Kindergarden and I don’t remember
    But there’s this one where you use like detergent/Borax (or something like that), water, food coloring…
    Then it’s the Kindergarden one.

  2. Hahaah. That sounds cool! I want goop. -__-.

    Owww. Lucky I really want study hall in my school. I want it to replace my gym class. :/.

    Ouch. Not a great day for you. I FREAKING HATE BASEBALL btw. xDD.

    8th graders creep me out..Except my freind. AND THEY ARE MEAN RIGHT? An 8th grader randomly said “HII!” to me…

    Ooh no storms! 0.0

    Bleck I hate waking up early too. :/.

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