As I was walking down the stairwell to my art class, I realized: I really like stairwells!

I looked up and suddenly felt like I was in a castle tower or something! It was really peaceful, because no one else was in there.

So, add stairwells to the list of random things I like!

Anyway, moving on!

The other day, we were brainstorming on chat, and we thought up something:

Battle of the Beings–THE MUSICAL

(Please note–this is one of those things that could very easily end up in disaster! It probably will not happen, but it’s fun to speculate! ^^)

So, uh, yeah. ^^” It could be VERY interesting!

I was thinking: there are a few words I use far more than I should:

-Thanks (pronounced “thinks” because I’m strange TT_TT)
-But um… (I always say this when my train of thought gets derailed–which happens a lot!)

Are there any words you use too much? If so, what are they (If you want to share–and, please, no cuss words!)?


7 thoughts on “Stairwells

  1. I dislike stairwells at my school– probably because the only ones there are are like 3 steps and there’s always a bunch of people shoving around on them! T__T (though that’s pretty much the entire Silver/Purple/Green hallways) Though I do like your train of thought! I love to pretend anywhere I am is really just a dollhouse or a tall, tall, tower, or something other!

    BotB the Musical! I remember you guys talking about that! ^^ I think it sounds absolutely awesome! 😮

    -Magicmagicmagicmagicmagicladeedaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You were saying?
    -Yeah um…
    -I’m scared!
    -*whispers for hardly any reason at all, for example, accidentally kicking a pencil* Sorry!

    1. Aww, I’m sorry your hallways and stairwells are so un-fun! TT_TT Our school has a LOT of stairs, but it’s kind of annoying when you have to climb around the school with books.

      Hehe! ^^ Yay! I guess I’ll have to learn to write music!

      Oh, your words are very good: “To the Tardis!” AWESOME! ^^

    1. It’s musical time–time for song and dance!
      We’ll make the least graceful fellow want to leap and prance!
      We could speak in rhyme–or not!
      And we’d also get to sing a lot!

      Musicals are fun–especially the singing!
      Although I have a feeling we may end up winging it ^^”
      But it could be fun–and a little bit silly!
      Fun is what we aim for, and silly is–um–O.K., I can’t think of anything that rhymes with silly that would fit ^^”

      But I think this could be really fun! ^^ I’m glad you think so, too!

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