Glee, Doctor Who and MORE!

Hey, guys sorry for not posting that much. I have been really busy with my personal blog and my school, homework boring stuff like that currently I am obsessed with Glee and Doctor who and I really MUST rant about it.

Ahaa. I am obsessed with half of the same stuff as RCG.

Glee, it is an awesome show. Even though it can be VERY wrong at times. The great plot, music and drama make up for it!

So far my favorite character is Tina. I love her style and whole attitude. So glad she got the solo!

I personally think that she and “the other asian” or Mike would be a perfect couple. Even though she and Artie went out they aren’t meant for each other…

Yeaaaash. <333.

Moving on to my second favorite character..MR.SHU! He is just awesome. He is just so devoted and cares about those kids. And his ready to give up anything for them! How sweet is that?

Oh. And he is married but his wife is terrible. Currently, she is faking a pregnancy and I am wondering how that is going to turn out. My dream couple is Emma and Will! How cute would that be?


Well, my dream couples in this would be…

Rachel and Finn. You have to admit they are perfect. <333.

Curt and Mercedes. Still..even though he is gay. :/.

So far my favorite episode is Ballad.

  • But I was kind of creeped out by how Rachel fell in love with Will. -___-. No no no!
  • And also the story of Suzie Peper was so sad! Her poor stomach!
  • Ahh. Tina and Mike are paired out. Glad to see how that turns out!
  • Ahaa. Kurt and Finn working together. Must make Finn feel real weird.
  • Poor Quinn! She got kicked out of her house cause she was PREGNANT? Gawd. But she still deserved it. She is such a mean person.

Doctor Who. Even after 1 episode I am hooked so I have nothing to say here.

  • Mickey is weird. He went crazy after he got sucked into the trash can.
  • And the whole lava thing was weird. And how it talked.
  • Rose is totally awesome and so is the doctor.

An O.K. day today.

  • Reading was interesting it revolved around Wanita..
  • And science all we did was listen to Mr.Kunz talk about the trial he had to go to. BEST TEACHER EVA!

Have a fantastico day today!

Adios amigos and amigas! ^^.  (Spanish obsessed…And yes very glee obsessed..)


4 thoughts on “Glee, Doctor Who and MORE!

  1. Glee and Doctor Who= High amounts of pwnage! I love how Glee came back eysterday! ^^ Season 3! WOOHOO! Now to wait for Modern Family and Community! D:

    I love Tina too! She’s super cool. :3 I think she belongs with Artie! O:

    I agree with your dream couples! ^^ Though I also support Blaine and Kurt ❤

    So agree! Honestly, belh! T__T

    At least she was okay! ^^

    "Just because we're Asian? That's racist." "Yeah. That's racist." HAH!

    Yeah, I always thought Kurt's crush on Finn was a little awkward!

    I never liked Quinn– totally agree!

    MICKEY! LOL! "Sugarbabe*twitch*sugarbabebabe. Now tell me all about this Doctor. Tell me everything." "Um…"

    The lava scared me! D:

    Once again, i agree! Rose and the 9th Doctor make a great team.

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