Secret Room!

You know how on T.V. shows and games, the school ALWAYS has a secret room? Well, my school has one too! On the stairs to get to the second floor, you can see a small door. Our teachers say it was just a mistake, but today we found out what it was. One of my friends got dared to put a stink bomb in the teachers lounge. He found a key in there that looked weird. We tried every door in the school except the one on the stairs. We tried, and it opened! It went down into an old room, AKA the old teachers lounge. We went inside, and there were some REALLY old books, like a yearbook from 1889!  One of my friends dads makes duplicates of keys. All 17 of my friend were there, and we all got a key. The room is now the POPTROPICA/WTR FANCLUB ROOM!!! We stocked it with some computers from the computer lab, a mini fridge from the student lounge, and Poptropica AND WTR fatheads I made! The WTR one is REALLY cool. I am one of the 17 people who know about this room! YAYYYYY

P.S., I don’t like RCG anymore! 😉

I have a date with the head cheerleader!!!! 😀


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