The Epic Randomness from SC.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

You’re going to hate your AP English class book from Freshman year even more. The Bell Jar Okay, anything written by Sylvia Plath. was a chore to read to say the least. 

I absolutely hate the Historical Fiction novel my English teacher picked out for my class.  This is why there’s toilet paper all over her yard ; It’s clean one day, and the next day every square inch of her yard is covered in toilet paper.

That’s your feedback for that terrible, terrible book you made us read. Force us to read something cool. Like The Lightning Thief : Floppy Graphic Novel Version. It can also be used to slap people. -Evilusesforbooks-

*Sigh* Picture Day is tomorrow. Why me, Why me?  I’d rather have people see my face in public, where I can hide it if I need to, then in a book. Plus, if you take a bad picture, you’re doomed forever. I know the saying “Take a picture, It’ll last longer.”

But who would wanna stare at my face? I’m not on some creeper’s wall of ‘Cute Girls’. (Some guys at my school seriously do this. I know. It’s creepy. But it’s the guys at my school. All of them are creepers.) Well, some girls have ‘Cute Guy’ walls. Which is also creepy.

I have posters of musicians and adorable animals on my wall with the exception of pics of my friends and family.  So what if they’re taped up there with colorful duct tape? My mind isn’t as creepy as most people in my class. (It disturbs me. If you met them, you’d feel the same disturbance.)

My Favorite day of the week is Saturday. It’s the day I use to sleep in til’ noon. This Saturday, I might get to see my cousin! ^_^

Using the toaster to make microwavable pancakes isn’t the best idea and results in burnt pancakes and having to clean out the toaster. Ahh the ideas that come from my Smart yet Stupid at the same time mind.

I have an idea for a One-Shot It’s Called ‘That’s Totally Sky Goddess!’

Just because you’re Nut’s daughter doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

Betcha can’t guess who the main character in the story is! If you have any suggestions, tell me!

By the way, I’m pretty sure my cat has mental problems. Like her mom dropped her on her head when she was a kitten. She’s scared of the outside and gives creepy death glares to plants. And she acts like she knows what you’re talking about. And she sits on your homework, just so you can’t finish it.





2 thoughts on “The Epic Randomness from SC.

  1. Whoah. I feel bad for her. She got TEPEEED!

    Hahaha. It is fun slapping people you hate! You should totally try it!

    Oh I don’t use duct tape to tape stuff on my walls cause I am worried they will ruin the walls. I have parakeets, ravens and edcutational posters. ^^.

    That is great! Have fun! (I love wednsdays cause they are at the middle of the week and band days!)

    Aw darn it! -__-.

    Cool! Sounds AWESOME!

    Oh dear. Well, it seems pretty entertaining to go watch her funny antics.

  2. Aww, I’m sorry your teacher picked a bad book! TT_TT On the up side, it’s one less boring book you’ll have left to read! ^^

    Hey, I’m sure you photograph well! ^^ And school pictures aren’t THAT bad, because the worse they are in the early stages (and I’ve had some EXTREMELY bad pictures–like, they were so bad my mom didn’t order any (And she’s one of those ladies that ALWAYS, always, ALWAYS orders pictures!) ), the more spectacular you look in that gorgeous senior photo! ^^

    Yikes! For your sake, I should certainly HOPE you’re not on some creeper’s “Wall of Cute Girls”!

    I think your wall decorations sound awesome! ^^

    Yay, it’s awesome you might get to see your cousin! ^^

    Oh, I can’t wait to read your One Shot! I’m sure it’ll be fabulous! ^^

    Aww, haha! Your kitty sounds so cute! ^^

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