I wish I had something interesting to share with you guys, but–ALAS. There is nothing!

I got bored in history and started drawing a picture! It literally makes no sense TT_TT

It’s supposed to be (Left to Right):

Radiance, Raven Avelina, Flambe (his head is off the top of the picture ^^”), and Nireth.

I really need to fix:

-Flambe’s shoulder area
-Radiance’s face
-Raven Avelina’s eyes

And Raven Avelina does not have a mouth, because I don’t know how much she would like being dressed up in an inconveniently fancy dress ^^” I know that Rainfall likes old fashioned stuff, but I don’t know about Raven Avelina. Plus, when she’s scowling, she looks like she’s plotting Radiance’s murder.

And Nireth does not have arms because I don’t know what she would be doing ^^”

So–that’s that! ^^”

I really need to get a new hobby TT_TT


8 thoughts on “Principlah

  1. That’s a pretty drawing! Don’t stop drawing. You’re amazing at art. Unlike me, who’s bout to ask her mom if she can draw her layout of an average town in the Middle Colonies for her.

    I always have my head cut off at the top of pictures. That’s what I get for being my sister’s height. ^_^

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