Swirls! @__@

Adopt one today!

OMR! They have new eggs! This is quite exciting. ^^ It’s so swirlyyyy!

There’s also another one that vaguely resembles a deep sea dragon, but I haven’t gotten one yet! 😦

But anyway, I need to work on my Social Studies project! GAH! I need to color a map of Germany! T__T Color it too?! Hmph, I hate coloring!

Anyway, my teachers seem to enjoy giving out a constant stream of homework. I don’t think I’ll survive this year if they continue like this!

Anyway, my new artist obsessions:

Lights– “Ice” and “Second Go”, and maybe “Everybody Breaks a Glass” but the generic pop tune annoys me and so does the rap part.

Demi Lovato (surprise, surprise!)– “Fix a Heart” and “Skyscraper”

Adele– I’ve actually loved her album 21 for a long time now, but lately I’ve been putting “Chasing Pavements” on repeat.

Murray Gold– Mostly the 10th Doctor’s theme song, “Donna’s Theme”, “This is Gallifrey, Our Home, Our Childhood”, and “Captain Jack’s Theme” (though I don’t think that’s by Murray Gold)

Avril Lavigne– Only her old album “Losing Grip”, though.

I’m addicted to this song. :3 Jack Harkness pwns! I loved his moments in “Bad Wolf”, “The Empty Child”, and that one with Mickey and the Slitheen that turns to an egg, especially. I can’t quite remember the episode title.

Plus, he’s adorable/cute! Not just personality wise. 😛

Jack: Captain Jack Harkness.

Lynda: Lynda Moss.

Jack: Nice to meet you, Lynda Moss!

Doctor: Do you mind flirting outside?

Jack: I’m just saying hello!

Doctor: For you that’s flirting.

I want Jack to say hello to me ❤

Who are your favorite artists and songs at the moment? ^^


5 thoughts on “Swirls! @__@

  1. Whoa, it’s so pretty! ^^ I’m sure you’ll get the other one soon!

    Oh, cool songs! ^^ I love Jack’s Theme–it’s so exciting!

    AHAHA! The conversation made me laugh SOO hard! ^^

    Hm, I really like Leaves’ Eyes, Kamelot, Nightwish, and Mandy Moore (as Rapunzel, I don’t have any of her other stuff ^^”) at the moment! And Alan Menken and John Powell are AWESOME.

  2. Swirlyyy!
    I have a History project on the Middle Colonies. (It was either work alone or with the girl I hate. I’m workin’ solo.)
    I like Adele’s song ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

    My artist obsessions are Ke$ha and Fefe Dobson. My favorite rapper is probably Nicki Minaj.(It’s spelled Nicki, instead of Nicky. My bad.)

  3. I managed to get one of those swirly eggs. I almost got another new one, but as usual, someone got to it before me. Oh, and as a thank you present for the ice dragon egg you gave me, would you like a nebula dragon egg?

  4. Ahh. That is so awesome! I feel bad for my dragons. I stopped using dragon cave cause I got bored. :/.

    Aww. Coloring is supa fun to me. :/.

    Ooh! I love Skyscrapers it is a really good song!

    Cool! He is cutez. But nawww. I am staying devoted to my Bruno Mars. <333.

    Aha. There you go. One day he will! ^^.

    My obsessions..Hmm. Currently, obsessed with the song You make me feel by Cobra Starship, Lighters by Eminem and Bruno Mars(he is the reason I love it!) and Grenade by Bruno Mars.

    My artist obsessions…Bruno Mars of course! He isn't to pop but his singing has a quiet yet pure tone. And he is cute! <33. And my other favorite band is Onerepublic. All their songs are amazing, have great instrumental, singing and more quieter(:

    Sorry for the whole music rant there. :/.

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