11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

So, my friend just texted me that she TPed our English Teacher last night. That’s feedback for her terrible novel selection.
I guess they were in no need for a lookout, because I was uninvited.

Okay, the real point of this post:
I just got an e-mail for the Halloween Open House at my school from my homeroom teacher asking if I could work and told me I have to wear a costume to work there.
I usually sit on the couch eating candy and watching horror movies with my sister, but I didn’t want to say no to my homeroom teacher. So, I said yes.

I need a costume and the problem is: I got nothin’.

I was thinking of being a Neko and wearing adorable little kitty ears with blue bows on the side and the matching tail, with a normal outfit and my Leopard Print boots. And maybe I’ll wear my Super Mario T-Shirt and Keyboard earrings. Cause… You know… I like them. I probably won’t got Trick-or-Treating, unless my friends invite me. I’ll just steal all of my friends’ Almond Joy Mounds. So, it doesn’t need to be super amazing.

Okay, so any suggestions/changes? (I could sharpen my fingernails to a point where they look like kitty claws… Even though they’re sharp enough as is.)

Edit: Would look good with a collar or choker necklace that looks like a collar?

And Look! I made a Neko using Doll Divine.


4 thoughts on “Weew!

  1. Oh my THOOOR! Your friends sound awesome ^^

    No costume!? We must fix this!

    A neko sounds cute! ^^

    Here are some costumes I’d love to wear if I wasn’t already set on being Astrid:

    Viking Princess
    Viking Warrior Girl
    Viking Warrior Princess (I like vikings ^^)
    Dragon Trainer (For this one, you’d just need to find a vest, some boots, or pretty much just articles of clothing that look like something an animal trainer would wear ^^)
    Mermaid (Although that might be hard to walk around in ^^”)
    Atlantean (Based on the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
    Atlantean (Based on what you think Atlanteans look like)
    Forest Spirit

    Sorry if these suggestions are boring or hard to pull off–I don’t really buy a lot of conventional costumes ^^” We usually just find stuff at a thrift store or something and throw it all together.

  2. Aww I am sorry to hear that you don’t have a halloween costume. -___-.

    I like the Neko costume idea! It sounds totally cool!

    Hahaa. Stealing almond joys sound awesome! :D.

    Sadly, I have no ideas for you. I think you should take Nireth’s ideas! They sound good!

    @Nireth- Sorry for my stupidness but what is a thrift store. -__-

    SC: A thrift store is a store with loads of used items that are pretty cheap.

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