Hello Hello, remember me?

I know I haven’t really posted as often on this blog… since I started school and all. Well, I was searching on youtube because I just wanna hear that awesome Evanescence song again… and I found THIS:

YAY! The music video is out! ^_^ Tis awesome! But why does Amy always try to drown herself in these videos? D: Well, these ARE post-breakup songs. 


Wow, this band is just EPIC! 😀

So… I’m still alive… even after being piled under homework. 🙂

I’ll be posting on the weekends more… yeah. BT out!

4 thoughts on “Hello Hello, remember me?

    1. Some of her songs are post breakup songs like “Call Me When Your Sober”. But you’re right. This is a “we r getting the band back together” song. 😳

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