SQUEEEE. I know Halloween is like is pshh. A month. But i came up with an EPIC idea for my costume!

I am going to be Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson! She is FANTASTIC!

So far. I got a gray hoodie which I am using for my “silvery parka.” Then, I found these camo leggings but if they don’t have them. I going to paint a pair of my old pants. So that’s the whole outfit.

So far the accessories I have are a crown I am going to find. Also, I am going to wear some eyeliner and black nail polish since she is kind of goth. (Psst. I will never be wearing eyeliner again. So yeaaa.) I am also going to wear my converse or some strappy sandals. But i think my sneakers will work better. I am also going to make a spear out of tin foil and a pole. My friend is also letting be borrow her bow and arrows she made. I also am going to wear a sliver bracelet and maybe a charm necklace.

You guys got any ideas how to improve? Comment below! I really would appreciate the comments! 😀


13 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. That sounds amazing! And cool! I don’t know what I’ll be this year. I’d totally go as Zoe Nightshade if I lived in the same area you did and we’d probably go together.

    Hmm. Put colored steaks in your hair. I’d pick blue, silver, or yellow. And if your hair isn’t black, wear a wig or something. (Wig wearing is fun. ^_^)

      1. You’re welcome. And most Thalia drawings show her with blue streaks in her hair, if that helps. And yeah, I was talking about that wash out in a day stuff that you find at Hot Topic.

  2. Oh cool! Thalia is my fave PJ character! 😀
    I haven’t really thought about my Halloween costume yet… maybe I’ll just get a premade costume set. Again. 😐

  3. OMR! Thalia ROCKS! I love her. ^^

    Your ideas totally pwn. ^^ Your costume is going to look fabulous!

    Word to the wise– I was Artemis for Halloween once, and the bow gets really tedious to hold later on– just be sure you have a convenient place to keep it! 😀

  4. Thalia is awesome and I’m going as her, too! Since she mentioned Green Day in one of the books (I forgot what book, she said “Why can’t they play Green Day instead?” or something along those lines) I’m going to wear a green day band tee OR a camp half blood tee that I made, the leather necklaces they have at camp half blood, combat boots, and use temporary blue and silver dye in my hair. I may even take a military green parka or a Beatles sweater. FUN! OH and black mascara and sparkly eyeshadow. I’m going as the camper look not the hunter one. I might have overdone it but still. Maybe you should add a circlet as the symbol of an Artemis Hunter or something? Idk but the crown seems good, too. 😀

  5. Oh I forgot something at Wal mart there are some military ripped skinny jeans maybe you should go there and check it out. Maybe its not at your walmart but I usually find those jeans whichever wal mart I go to. Good luck with your costume. C:

  6. Hey its Sterling again. Those are really good ideas. ^
    I got more ideas haha. For my costume I’m going
    to buy a bunch of band buttons. Pin them on my jacketC:
    its going to be awesome! Maybe you should try it hehe.^^
    I also have a charm bracelet with bow and arrow for Artemis,
    Owl for Athena, and Heart for Aphrodite. I’m also going to
    add a Trident for Poseidon. Possibly more but thats enough
    for now haha. Have fun Halloween is like in 10 dayyysssss ;D

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