I will rarely be here now, beacue of RCG. I like her, but she hates me.



10 thoughts on “Duh-DUH

  1. How many times do I have to tell you that she doesn’t hate you?!?

    And she even says so herself. Look at the 2nd comment.

  2. Hey, I’m sorry if I seem rude, but stop.
    She’s already told you countless times that we doesn’t hate you.
    I don’t what it is you want by now, attention or something like that, but you’re not Bonn get it this way.

  3. When did Rainfall ever hate you? If she said it on chat or something,then i missed it. But has she ever said “I hate you”? Look at the second comment. She admits she doesn’t hate you. Please don’t leave. TT_TT

  4. MH. You really don’t have to create this much drama!

    RCG, would never hate you! She isn’t that mean of a person! She admits she doesn’t hate you! So suck it up!

    Please don’t leave! You just started and I really wanted to hear the rest of your story!

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