Chapter two

Soundtrack: (yes, I’ve decided all the installments need a soundtrack^^)

The song’s pretty good *shrug* I like Adele..

And on with the story:

I drifted for what seemed like a million millennium, triple-hundred the times the life I had already lived, though at the same time, time itself had stopped, I was living the moment, the battle, over and over again, imagining what would’ve happened when I had stepped to the right instead of the left, had used swords instead of fire, as the rain poured down..

By nightfall, I was empty. I planned to stay that way, I told myself. I will keep my emotions drowned. No one will hurt me ever again.

I layed there through the night, wings limp, to tired to go to sleep.

As the sun peeked over the treetops, I sat up. I had I strange new sense of purpose.

My head pounded, but I steeled myself to think. Dune is dead. So is the rest of my family. Soon I’ll be the only phoenix left. My anchor to life is the Book of Fire. Winswell told me this would happen. I didn’t listen…

Suddenly, I surged toward my desk, and dug through the contents. What was I looking for?

I remembered a nano second before my eyes fell on it.


Minutes later, I had my cloak strapped on and my gloved encasing my palms, fingers burned off the gloves.

Squinting at the worn writing, I stumbled through the woods, my breath coming up in clouds. I eventually arrived at a swampy old house, with glowing orbs of light lazily hovered above the surface of the green muck in the water.

Splashing through it, I arrived at a door, and gave three raps. The door just about came off its hinges, but not before frail fingers gripped it and forced it open.


I bit my lip, tasting blood, before I answered. “It’s Phoenix, now,” I croaked, longing for the warmth inside the shack. I was rewarded with a solemn “Welcome in,”

Mariah took my cloak with careful fingers, wringing it out over the threshold of the house. “Tea?”

I knodded, helping myself. While I sipped, settled in an old maple chair, Mariah Winswell attempted to make small talk. How was home, how was life, what was I up to..

Finally she stopped.

“We both know why you’re here,” She looked my squarely in the eye and I wondered how she got her cool blue eyes rimmed with gold and yellow flecks.

“He’s dead,” I burst out. “He’s dead, and not coming back this time,” I felt like my head would explode in my effort to hole back my tears. You’re untouchable, Phoenix. A steel safe, and none of your feelings will show to anyone anymore.

“I suppose he took Professor Winswell’s spirit with him” She asked. I knodded.

She sat in silence, in thought, while I sipped and pondered. Dune was another phoenix, and a special one. He carried Professor Winswell’s life with him. The Professor was a genius beyond comprehension, which allowed him to calculate things that told him exactly what he would do in life. He was, indeed, and elder.

He carefully had chosen 7 bird to hold ‘life’, while he tried to find a way to cheat time, space, speed, and simply the essence of life.

For some reason, I was chosen to hold The Book on Fire, carrying the world’s entire history with me. The past and present phoenixes have already died off, which made me the last holder of Time. The Professor eventually ages, so he invented a genius way to store away his life, so he had room for more. Slowly, he recruited two more birds.

Dune had been the 9th phoenix, the one to carry The Professor’s life in his crystal so the Professor could have more time. Dune was the second holder of the Professor’s life, and the first one still remains a mystery. How Esmeralda had succeeded to end Dune’s life forever and thoroughly, it was a mystery to me. But when Dune died, that part of the Professor’s life died with him. It didn’t simply die, it was eliminated from time.

So then the Professor had an essential part of “his time’ missing from him, and he, of course, died. Not eliminated, thankfully, but only died.

Yea, I don’t pretend to understand this stuff.

Finally, Mariah spoke in a rustly, elderly voice, which would be a more accurate voice for her.

“So. Promise, the holder of the Burning Book, and Ruse, holder of the Spark Book, have passed. So has Dune, holder of the Professor’s first life. And who am I forgetting?” She prompted.

“Um..Aldis. Holder of Speed, And the 8th phoenix” My voice wavered.

“Correct. That makes 4 birds left, of original 9. How do you think we are doing?”

I shrugged. “Relatively bad.”

She slammed the table with her mug. “Bad? We’re almost wiped out, Thallassa! You’re going to have to do it, understand me?”

“What?” I asked, already knowing and dreading the answer.

“Don’t play dumb. It’ll get you dead, or worse. You know,”

I cleared my throat. Sweat beaded on my brow, and I noticed how stuffy it was in the little shack in the middle of a march in the middle of the woods.

“No more hiding. You’re going to have to set out to find The Land Where Lost Thing Go,” She announced with an air of finality.



So..whad’ya think? I was hoping it was okay to go with Nireth’s idea of having things that were lost wash up on the shores of Mir, so that’s what that is..I hope it’s not to bad or confusing! I’ll explain everything later, right now, I’m just glad I finally got through the second chapter!





2 thoughts on “Ashes

  1. Oh, yay, I really like it! ^^

    The Book on Fire? It holds all the answers?! Phoenix must have INSANE willpower not to just sit and read it forever–I’m insanely jealous! ^^”

    Mariah seems super nice!

    Hm–wait, 9 phoenixes? And a guy who put his soul into them to cheat death? This reminds me a bit of that movie “9”! I absolutely LOVED that movie–AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME! (However, I do believe I will love your story more because there aren’t creepy robots/dolls running around everywhere ^^”)

    I love how detailed your writing is! It’s fun and beautiful to read! I can hardly wait for the next installment!

  2. OMR, I was just listening to that on repeat yesterday! I LOVE Adele! She’s such a great singer– I love her voice. ^^

    Hmm, this Book of Fire seems really interesting! Your story is very exciting ^^

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