We are soon going to have an election for the leader of this site. PT doesn’t come on anymore. If you wish to nominate someone, they must meet these requirements:
1. Must obey all rules; cussing counts, too
1. Must be from the time of the revival of the blog
2. Must be able to enforce the rules
There would have been a lot of candidates, if it weren’t for the fact that the “no searing” rule eliminated most of the candidates.
NOTE: Try not to nominate yourself. I mean, come on, how cheap is that?


35 thoughts on “Election

  1. I still don’t think we need a leader. It makes it seem like a dictatorship in a way. PT was never a leader, she didn’t tell us what to do or host anything, I don’t see the point of leaders.

    If I had to nominate one, it would be either Nireth or RCG.

  2. Erm… once someone is nominated, they can’t be renominated. This isn’t a vote, just a nomination. If RCG has already been nominated, she has been nominated. You can’t nominate someone twice. 😆 Y’all ‘r’ silly.

  3. I think we should vote first if we actually want a leader. It’s kind of like being in Libya if we have a ‘leader’. Pt, she was pretty much like any other author, except she founded the blog.

    But if I had to choose, I would choose either RCG or Nireth. I’m leaning more towards RCG because she has been in this blog for longer than any of us.

      1. I see, but I still think we should vote because some people might not actually want a leader. I’m torn 50-50. I don’t know if I want a leader. We’ve been doing okay even without PT.

              1. Nireth would be way too kind to punish anyone. I’m not saying RCG isnt nice, it’s just that she seems more “leadery”.

            1. Why do we need to punish them if the rules weren’t clear? Give people a warning and tell them of the rules before you go thinking of torture methods.

  4. Either RCG, Nireth, Pandora(Yes, I know she cusses.), or ML.

    I’m sorry I’m not the best maker of decisions, but I narrowed it down to four!

  5. I am quite sure RCG or ML! They have been here the longest out of all of us and seem to display the most leadership skills. Nireth would be to modest to do it!

    So you guys figure this out! *hint hint leaning more towards RCG*

  6. Guys,i don’t think we should have a leader,i know PT hasn’t been on,but seriously,I think we should just be authors,not leaders. It’s just my opinion though. I can’t decide between ML or RCG if there are going to be leaders.

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