11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

I’ve been really bored ever since I’ve gotten home from school. I still like the ‘No homework on Fridays’ policy.
This post is pointless.

So, I’ve answered one of the questions I was randomly asked by my English teacher.

If you could travel in time to any event in the past/future what event would you go to?

I would probably go back to the time when I met my best friend, which was in Pre-School. We were both wearing the same sparkly red shoes. And that’s why I went up and talked to her. We became great friends, throwing stuff at my guy friends, that I’ve also known since Pre-School. (They threw stuff at us first. We were only defending ourselves.) And we always ‘read’ (More like looked at the pictures) in this animal book (It had pretty pictures, okay?) and then tried drawing them.
Then, My friend left the Pre-School, and went to a different one. I was so upset, but I feel amazingly lucky that she goes to the same school as me. You have no idea how excited I was to see she went to the same Kindergarden I did.
And Now, It’s 7th grade and we’re still friends.
There’s your fill of ‘Sweet flashback from my childhood’ for the day.

I’ve realized something weird about myself:
I can tune out the lyrics in a song, and just listen to a certian instrument, like the beat. I usually pick up the beat in the song. I love the beat in ET by Katy Perry. It’s an amazing Hip-Hop like beat. And I’ve figured out that most Rap songs have the same constant beat somewhere in the background. That’s what I get for being in Percussion.
But, seriously, next time you listen to ET, pay attention to the beat. (I know of my weird-ness.)

And I’ve thinking about making adjustments to a story I wrote a long time ago. ( . )
I need to make the main character less Mary-Sue ish, give the story an actual plot, and give her a last name. And the Cat in the story was long before I thought of the Huntress Cat. I totally forgot about this Cat when I made the Huntress.
(I’ve realized I have amazing plot/character ideas, but they make terrible books.)

Please, tell me what to change.


One thought on “Boredom.

  1. Oh, you’re so lucky! I wish we had a “No Homework on Fridays” policy! TT_TT

    Aww, no it’s not! TT_TT

    I think what you’d do with time travel is great! ^^ And it’s fine, everyone has nostalgia moments TT_TT They’re so bittersweet!

    Oh, that’s so cool! ^^ I’ll bet you get all kinds of interesting perspectives on songs!

    Hm, I’ll look at your story! I’ll bet it’s absolutely fabulous, though! ^^

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