Surviving the First Week of School.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Yupp. I survived the first week of school. Had loads of homework and the result is not posting. *Sigh* I miss Summer Vacation.

I have Science before Lunch, too. I never get to Lunch on time because of it. I’m always 5-10 minutes late.

I’d like to eat, instead of  learning about the Scientific Method. Save it for Science Fair when I’ll actually use it. Other than that, the Scientific Method has no purpose in my life.

And in History, We didn’t go straight into the Greek Mythology unit like I thought. I instead learned about the Aztecs, Mayans, and the Incans. Aztec sacrifices are…Uh…interesting.

In English, I have a book report I’ve been procrastinating on. (Just be happy I read the book, Mom!)  I don’t even have half the report done and it’s due Thursday.  Oh Well, I have about a week ,right?


I’m actually on the computer. Listening to my iTunes songs. Playing  Ke$ha dressup games.(Hey, At least I’m not playing ‘Bieber Kisser’)  And I’m also texting my cousin, who I’ll see tomorrow on my iPod-See Below-


I get to go to to a car show tomorrow. I love looking at the cars, but you have to walk a lot to see them all and it takes about two days to see them all. Also, They have shops there, and I get at least twenty bucks to spend, excluding my own money.  And their restaurant has awesome curly fries.(I refuse to get curly fries anywhere else. I know it’s nuts, but they’re good.)

The Best part: I get to do it all with my cousin, who I haven’t seen for over a month!!! 🙂 -Excitedfreakoutmoment-

But ,I can’t sleep til’ noon, I have to get up at six in the morning and I am not a morning person. (If I don’t get enough sleep and you make me mad, make sure I don’t have something sharp like an Exact-O-Knife in my possession.)

On a better note, I’m about to get the 13th and final ‘Daughters of the Moon’ book called ‘The Final Eclipse.’ This is where the Daughters must make the decision and destroy the evil force forever. I just have to wait til’ the Library gets it in.

If anyone wants to Xat RP or Flockdraw with me, now’s the time, because I’m on the computer.



5 thoughts on “Surviving the First Week of School.

  1. Congratulations on surviving! ^^ And I’m sure it’ll only get better.

    Oh, at least you’re learning about interesting history! ^^ Not, like, “The Annotated History of a Grain of Dirt”–although that might actually be cool!

    That sounds like a fun dressup game! ^^

    Whoa, a car show sounds fun! And I’m glad you’ll get to see your cousin!

    Yikes! I’m sure you’re not THAT bad!

    Oh, it sounds like a cool book series! I’ll have to look it up! ^^

    1. They are Fun.

      I know I’m excited.

      I am pretty bad if I don’t get sleep, though.

      It is cool, but It includes High School drama.

  2. I know scientific method is totally useless. You are so RIGHT.

    HAHA. My friends and I loved aztec sacrifice. LOL. we are so weird. It is quite gross.

    Awww. Good luck with it!

    Yay! Have a great time!

    Ya I really wanted to read that

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