Book Reports and a Not So Boring Study Hall.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

I just found out My homework my English teacher was going to give me today was a book report. A book report. On the second day of school. (Bleh, this is worse than Science Fair!)
It couldn’t be something cool like The Lightning Thief, But Nooo, it had to be a Newberry Winner. *Puke* Newberry winners scream old and boring, Not the the best book for children to read! Why not the New York Times Bestseller? Those are better and scream more interesting. (Unless it’s Twilight, the book where Vampires turn into Human Prom Decorations when they step into sunlight.) Then, I could read The Lightning Thief. And write an epic report on it.

Maybe…I could find a newberry label, stick it on a new copy of The Lightning Thief, Hack the Newberry Winner site, put The Lightning Thief as one of the winners, and show it to my (probably shocked) English teacher.

Orrr… I could get over it, and write the book report on the really boring book, because life isn’t fair.

I like option #1 better. (Anyone know a computer hacker?)

So, at Study hall today, We goofed off and talked. And I almost got hit with flying projectile. (AKA a book of somesort.Probably something thick like Harry Potter or the Dictionary,Cause whoever/whatever it hit, There was a loud thud that interrupted my conversation about my blue plastic hairbrush I keep in my backpack.)

I played the Beard Game with my friends using guys from our History books. This lead to more stupid and pointless Beard arguments(again).

Then, I tried to determine which one of my friends would have which Greek God as a parent.My friend was a daughter of Demeter, because she wants to ba a farmer and loves animals Mine was undetermined.

So,who do you think my parent would be?

So Yeah, no one read their books they’re doing their reports on. (Except for the people who really like to read. I wasn’t one of them.)
My day (Especially during Study Hall.) was pretty fun. I know we’ll be back to boring school on Monday anyway.


3 thoughts on “Book Reports and a Not So Boring Study Hall.

  1. Bergh.
    I like option one better.
    Kay, Im not a hacker, but I’d be happy to help in your hacking!
    The Lightning Thief is a great book, but I think Titan’s Curse is betterer.
    Oh, gods, well you don’t seem like a daughter of Athena, even though you are one on the Hunters’.
    I’d say… Well, it’s tough. You’re different, and awesome so maybe… Apollo? Hecate?
    I dunno.

  2. A book report already? WHY?!

    Aww, Newbery Award Winners aren’t that bad–in fact, I think they pick a new one every year, so you should be able to find a good one ^^ I suggest The Graveyard Book, and When You Reach Me is really good, too!

    Option one is pretty slick! ^^

    Yikes, flying books? That’s not too good!

    Hehe! Beard games are funny ^^ I like Vikings’ beards!

    Hm… I think your parent would be Iris! She’s not one of the trouble-making gods, and she helps everyone out! ^^


  3. Aw. That totally sucks. Newberry winners can be interesting! Good luck! ^^.

    Hehe! Fun!

    Hmm. I think Apollo or Posidean for some reason?

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