With Summer Nearing it’s End…

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

So, Yeah, I’ve got 2 days left of Summer. Oh Well, I’ve been trying to do as much nothing as possible. Like sleeping til Noon then, listening to my iPod or watching TV for the rest of the day.

Except, I have to do more than the things listed above.
Because,I get to try a Churro and I’m eating a Taco. (And No one is stopping me.)

Since I’m bored, I’m gonna answer some Percy Jackson and the Olympians Meme questions I stole borrowed from DeviantArt.

Who’s your Favorite Character from the books?:
Zoe Nightshade and the Huntresses of Artemis.
‘Cause Ya know, They turned their backs on guys. I don’t blame them for that…

Which Couple do you ship?:

Okay, I don’t ‘Ship’ any couples, especially the one everyone’s obsessed over. Seriously, there’s other couples out there that don’t get enough credit. And I definitely don’t support NicoXOC. Okay, way too many people have their OCs date him. Seriously? He’s 12 and he definately doesn’t need to marry/date your OC.

Who’s your favorite god/goddess?:

It’s a tie between Artemis and Athena. They’re both awesome and maidens. And I hate how people make their OCs(Or Mary Sues.)Daughters of Artemis. As mentioned above, She’s a maiden, and she’ll never break her oath. Ever. •_•

Now, Since I’ve never wasted media space with Music and DeviantArt Pics, I’m going to do so right now! With music! And some of the songs are unreleased Ke$ha songs I found during mine and two of my friend’s music project on her.

Warning: Some of the songs have cuss words in them, If that bugs you, don’t, listen to them.(They only have a few, don’t worry. My sister would be at my throat with a sharp object if the songs had more than 4-6 cuss words in them.)If they do, I’ll put this: •_• in the song title.

Click ‘More’ Veiw.

•_•Dancefloor/HushHush- Ke$ha Feat. Bonnie McKee. I have been looking for the full version of this song forever. I was excited when I found it yesterday.

Red Lipstick[Clean]- Ke$ha:

On the Ride- Aly and Aj. This one reminds me of me and my friends. (Yeah, We’re dorks, but ya gotta love us. ^_^)

And the final one(I’ve wasted enough space.) is Haunted-Taylor Swift.

I’d be suprised if you listened to all these songs. And I’d think you would be one of the awesomest people on Earth.


3 thoughts on “With Summer Nearing it’s End…

  1. Aww, I’m sorry your summer is almost over! TT_TT I like your choice ways to spend it, though! ^^

    Tee-hee, your answer to the shipping question is hilarious! ^^

    Daughters of Artemis? WHAT?!

    I tried to listen to the songs, but Haunted (Which I really like!) is the only one of them that would load! TT_TT I’ll try again when I have better internet connection–I love listening to new music! ^^

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