Swimming! :)

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Yesterday, I went swimming with my friends.

We tried fancy dives off the diving board. -Isepicbackflipper-

My friend kept losing her goggles, so I had to dive for them.

We played Truth or Dare for some reason.

Then we ran over to the Baby Pool, which is only 3 feet deep. We goofed around in it for awhile, Then we got kicked out. XP

And Yesterday was also a fundraiser for our town, So I got grilled food.

I also found out I have a sunburn across my face. Mom was wrong, I told her I needed sunscreen on my face.

My hair still smells like pool, which in my opinion smells good, but I doubt they’d make a pool scented shampoo. No one would buy it, except maybe me.

By the way, If I don’t post it’s probably because:

1)School starts in 4 days, and I’m making sure I have everything.

2) My cousin’s been sick and I’ve been asking my mom if I could see her to cheer her up a little. (I might get to see her around September, when her birthday is, but I’d love to see her now.)

3) Nothong interesting happened in my life. (Life is currently boring.)

4) I’m too tired/lazy. [No explanation needed]

5) I’m with friends/family

6)When school starts, I’ll have Plies of Homework (If I have hard Math homework, don’t expect a post.)
As mentioned above, I only have 4 days left of summer until I have to go back to school and eat the gross stuff they put on my plate and call food.
I take caution with my food. I stab at it with my fork to make sure it’s not alive or anything, then I let one of my classmates eat whatever it is first.
Today, I boredly watched that new iCarly. Then several episodes of T.U.F.F Puppy.

I love watching mindless TV Shows.

My iPod is almost out of battery! -FreakoutMoment-


2 thoughts on “Swimming! :)

  1. Whoa, that sounds awesome! I wish I could do backflips TT_TT And way to get your friend’s goggles for her! ^^

    They kicked you out of the baby pool? Meanies! TT_TT

    I’m sorry you got a sunburn! Sunburns stink.

    Pool-scented shampoo sounds cool! ^^

    4 days!? WHY, UNIVERSE? TT_TT

    I’m sorry your cousin is sick!

    Hehe, it’s O.K., we all get lazy sometimes ^^

    That is a very intelligent way to approach cafeteria food! ^^

    NOOOO! It must be charged!

  2. It’s way too cold in Australia for swimming. Summer is from Dec-Feb, loldammit.

    I like your cautious approach to food. xD

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