11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

I’ve only got a week left of Summer! I don’t know what I’ll do when school starts.-Besides school stuff.- I enjoyed sleeping til 12:00 PM, then playing with my iPod til I went to bed at about 4:00 AM.

I’m not excited about this.

Besides, I Live in a daydream, my favorite colors are Leopard Print, Purple, and Blue, I love mythology, I love sports, hanging out with friends(The only Normal thing), and I read Fanfiction(Even though it’s terrible), I have about 15 outdoor cats not including Cookeh the indoor cat, and I like Ke$ha.

Aren’t I supposed to be like this?:
Living in reality, my favorite colors are pink and lime green, I love Vampire Romances, I also Love Cheerleading, I read Teen Magazines, I have 2 cats, and I love Justin Bieber.
-This is seriously how most of the girls in my class act.-
And when we wrote castle stories, The girls wrote little romances, and I made my character slay a dragon. (I got an A. So, I’m okay with that.)

And when we picked songs for Music Class I shout out Party at a Roch Dude’s House, and everyone else went with some other Girl’s suggestion of Don’t Stop Belevin’. -_-

And I get all excited for Acting while most of the class groans.
I try to be nice to people, anyway.•_•{Even though I’d like to put a fork in their shoulder, sometimes.}
*Facepalm* Sometimes I hate being different.
Anyway, I’ve got a week right? My friends and I are going to the Best Mexican resturaunt in town the day before school starts, just so we can hang out, and I can try a Churro.
They’re obsessed over the fact I’ve never tried one. 😛
And Saturday, We’re all going swimming.
So, I get to enjoy the rest of my Summer with my friends.
Before I have to go to school, but at least I can see my friends every day…


5 thoughts on “*Sighs*

  1. Only a week left!? Yikes! TT_TT I’m sorry!

    Purple and blue rock! ^^ Those are two of my favorite colors, too!


    Being different is good! It’s always best to be an original. ^^

    Churros are good! ^^

    Yay, swimming! And it’s good you’re not letting the nearness of school get you down!

    1. Don’t worry, That was way before I saw How to Train Your Dragon.

      Am I the only one on this planet who hasn’t had a churro?

      1. But still! Dragons! TT_TT (It’s O.K., I’m just messing with you ^^)

        Don’t worry about it; the one I had was at a theme park. They’re kind of overrated–they get kind of nasty if they aren’t fresh and hot ^^”

  2. I love school 🙂
    Living In A day dream:
    I am a pony in Equestria.
    My favorite color is rainbow. and derp.
    I love hellogoodbye, weezer, so many more. (My Little pony) (Avril Lavigne)
    Ponies are my best friends 🙂
    All the ponies are nice. They are my friends.
    All girls are my friends.

    My favorite colors are rainbow and derp.
    I am a girl who is tired of being good.
    I am a girl who just wants to just freak out.
    I love My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Weezer, hellogoodbye, Avril Lavigne….
    I hate when people mess up everything in Equestria.
    I hate girls. (LOL RIGHT)
    My best friends evar are Ethan, Max, Bailey, Katie and Maddie 🙂

    So basically,
    I’m just way too…boyish at times and i just wanna be FREEEEEEEEEE
    (shugo chara ref? o3o)

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