Pianos ‘N’ Stuff

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

So, I’m in my room hiding from Reality TV. ~Like America’s Next Top Model. I really hate that show…~

Yesterday, My mom gave me her old electric piano. There’s loads of settings, but It never sounds like an actual piano -_-.
So, I’ve been trying to play Your Love is My Drug (By Ke$ha) and Right Round (By Flo Rida and Featuring Ke$ha) by ear. I’ve heard these songs millions of times, so I thought it was going to be easy. I thought wrong. I think I’m searching YouTube for a tutorial.
Is the plural of piano, pianos? (I’m sure it is, It doesn’t have the red line under it…)

And I finally found out how to get Cover Art on my songs on iTunes.

-School Starts in 8 days.-
I hate school.
Homework, Having to sit for 7 hours straight, Learning stuff that doesn’t interest you, Gym outside when it’s like 90-100 degrees outside, The heavy books you have to carry home, ~and the list goes on…~

Favorite Classes:
Music [No Homework, super fun, and the rare… dance competition! XP.]
Band [It’s fun, It get’s you out of class, and the only homework is practicing your music.]
Greek Mythology.[Which isn’t really a class, but I wish it was. So, History, unless It’s a boring subject like the history of Cheese or something.]

Least Favorite Classes:
Gym[Unless we’re playing Volleyball.]
Science. [Especially Physical Science, and we just happen to be learning that this year.]
Health[Super easy. If you fell asleep in that class every time, you’d still get an A.]
Computers. [I have great computer skills, thank you very much.]
English/Reading [We have some fun stuff, but that fun stuff isn’t the writing assignments, or the terrible books we’re forced to read.]
Math [Mainly ’cause I’m bad at it, at least I can walk away with a B.]
-These mentioned above are all my regular classes. ^_^-
So, What are your favorite/least favorite classes in school?


8 thoughts on “Pianos ‘N’ Stuff

  1. Heh, sometimes I get the feeling that reality TV is more scripted than the fictional shows ^^

    Whoa, cool piano! ^^ We have an electric keyboard, but I never use it ^^” I have no idea what the plurl of “piano” is–Google search bar spellcheck time! You were right, it’s “Pianos”! ^^

    Eight days!? WHY?!

    You like cool classes! ^^ Although, I have to admit, the History of Cheese sounds pretty cool ^^”

    My favorite class is definitely Art, but the rest depend on the teacher. Last year–if you can believe it–there was not a single class that I hated!

  2. Favorite Classes:
    *Chorus(super fun + no homework)
    *History(I always get good grades and I had a 99% gpa in 7th, 95% in 8th, and a 100% gpa in 9th grade mainly due to doing extra homework and It’s my only class next year in high school where I will be an honor student)

    In The Middle:
    Art(fun, rare chance to get homework, but I’m not a very good artist)
    Gym(No homework, but I’m not very athletic)
    Math(It depends on the teacher,and there is HOMEWORK every day)

    Least Favorite:
    Science(I was great in 7th and had a gpa of 97% in 9th, but I hated it in 8th and my 9th grade biology teacher will always say “fantastic”-to the point were it would get on your nerves,and when we pass papers in she will always say “the papers are trinkling in”)

    1. Oh yeah. I forgot about Tech ed,and reading.
      Least Favorite:
      Tech Ed(BORING, but I had a good teacher)
      Reading(I loved it because I had AMAZING teachers in 7th+8th grade)

      Ps: My first day of high school is September 6! Whooooooo!!! FTW! XD Sorry if it seemed like I was bragging.

  3. Ooh! That must be fun! I am learning don’t stop believing on the piano!

    Homework sucks. I hate going outside when it’s cold and running laps same as when it’s blistering hot! We go outside rain or shine! -_-

    I love band! Because I rock at it and it is fun! I also like math cause I love numbers. And science because it’s interesting learning all the cool stuff. (Yup I know nerd -_-)

    I hate tech Ed because it is so FREAKING boring. I also hate reading because it just makes you want to sleep. I guess that’s it.

  4. Good idea! These days we have really odd reality tv shows– what the poop is up with Jersey Shore? And I love Glee, but Glee Project is a major EGH.

    Awesome, I used to have a keyboard piano! They’re really awesome. Good luck learning those songs, it takes quite a bit of practice, but I’m sure you’ll be great at them soon.

    I hate school as well, but there’s always your friends to make it fun! Don’t feel too bad, I can’t wait to see my friends tomorrow, and seeing as I’m socially awkward, you’ll have just as much fun!

    When we learned Greek Mythology, it was super fun! We got to throw a play (and I got to play Poseidon! ^^), read passages out of mythology, and so much more. History really is amazing, and I just KNOW you’ll have super duper fun!

    Ugh, I totally agree, math and gym suck. I hate having to run a mile every week, and I absolutely HATE NUMBERS. They’re quite mind confuzzling.

  5. You’re lucky…It Which Must Not Be Named (aka school-a few of my friends started calling it that-You’ll get it if you’ve read Harry Potter) for me starts tomorrow x_x
    I really hope I get gym-it’s pretty much the highlight of the day for me. Like RA said, we have to run a mile everyday, but I don’t mind running, just crossing my fingers until they turn blue…

  6. Yeah… What’s up with reality shows these days… 😐
    It’s funny. Electric pianos make sounds like trumpets, saxophones, and strings… But where’s the piano?!
    Good luck! ^_^
    I can’t count my fave classes…
    In 6th grade, at the end of the year in my history class, we performed Greek mythology skits. I ended up in the group thy performed “Oddessy” and I ended up playing the role of Athena (narrator) ! ^_^ other groups performed Heracles (aka Hercules), Vanity Fair, and I forgot the last one…

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