11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been busy this week.
I’ve had basketball practice, had to stay at my mom’s workplace for a bit, and my friend stayed the night.

Well, I’ve had basketball practice all week, it was fun, because we got to play some games that would help us with our skills, at the end of practice. Everyone is all like “These corner shots are hard!” and I’m over here all “There super easy…”. Well, I couldn’t nail a 3 point shot to save my life, and I’m not As good at the other shots.

Then my friend spent the night.
-I converted her to the dark side (AKA: The Percy Jackson fanbase. Well, I did give her a cookie….) She says “Read it to me!” and so I do with all these weird voices. Then she says “That’s weird! I’ll just read it to myself.”

-My bathroom is now called Narnia. I was in there trying to fix my hair and my friend just shouts out “What are you doing in there, looking for Narnia?” Then my mom shouts out “Look for the Lamp Post!”

– I learned to never let my mom read the same books As I do.

– I also learned that chugging like 7 Mountain Dews in a row will keep you up til’ about 6 the next morning.

– And that playing the “Who’s beard do you like better?”(Book Character addition!)game that I randomly made up with your friend will lead to totally strange and kinda stupid
beard arguments.

And I got my new glasses yesterday… I can see much better.

Then I had to stay at my mom’s work place for awhile. It was alright.

Random Question: How many of you Percy Jackson fans like Zoe Nightshade? (They always make my favorite characters die or leave. It’s unfair.) And who’s your favorite character? (As stated above, I like Zoe.)


4 thoughts on “*__*

  1. I liked Apollo from the PJatO series, and Leo 😀

    Kidz Bop has really screwed with music nowadays. They have frequently redone Maroon5, tweaks me out so bad.

  2. Hey, it’s O.K.! No one can blame you for being busy! ^^

    Oh, I wish my bathroom was Narnia! TT_TT

    Hm, that game sounds interesting. And I’m glad your glasses work well! ^^

    I make sure to stay clear of Kidz Bop, personally! ^^”

    OH NO, Zoe’s death made me cry! TT_TT

    I think my favorite character was Hermes. He’s always been one of my favorite gods! ^^

  3. Ok… THAT’S a good question. If I had to pick one… I would pick… Um… Thalia.

  4. Yaaay! I am glad your back!

    Cool basketball practice! How was it?

    Thank you. I will never do that.

    Ya, if I drink 2 I get uber hyper.

    Cool! I like my glasses they are from converse and green. What color are yours?

    Yea, I listened to it. The girls sound like chipmunks Dx. Telephone is actually really good. They embarrassed our fav singers! HARR POTTER FTW! 😀

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