11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Bleh, I’ve been attending Basketball practice since Monday.
Running around on the court showed me that I was incredibly out of shape from sitting around on the iPod all day. I have learned my lesson.

Yes, I play basketball, too. I play Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. Which is 3 out or the 5 sports offered for girls.
The other 2 are Cheerleading(I hate their attitudes) and Softball.

Today, I had to go to the Library, where I got a Mythology book. What’s weird: They put it in Non-Fiction. I never would’ve looked there unless I had typed in the keywords in the computer. I guess they were hiding it from me. But afterwords, I got some fries and some chicken nuggets as a bribe/my lunch.

Also Today, My mom said my friend could spend the night with me! All that begging asking paid off. So, I probably won’t be posting tomorrow unless it’s before she comes over.

Got more “Walking Lessons” today. (I’m not gonna explain this time. It’s in my last 2 posts.) I’m sorry I don’t walk with my shoulders back, It feels weird!

And I also had to help my patents move their new -realy squishy- mattress, but I do get to test it out/ lay on it til I’m told to get off. And the mattress feels awesomely squishy/comfortable.

Random Facts:
I’m a crazy nut job.-I think you know that.- (I can blame my mom for that, she’s crazier than me. If people tell me I’m weird my response is “Thanks. I get it from my mom.”)

I love Almond Joy Mounds. They’re like Almond Joys but they lack almonds and use dark chocolate.

My position in Basketball is baseline. (The line nearest to the basket.)

My Volleyball position is the Labero, which means I can play anywhere on the court and any position. Unlike the other positions, there’s only one of mine.(Yeah, Bask in my awesomeness. :P.)

I enjoy music/acting/dancing/Art, because you can be yourself in them.(Even in acting.)

I’m the only one in my Family that hates Science. Mainly because I’m bad at it.
Science Class Scenario:
Hey! What if I pour ALL this purple stuff in here!?
I’d probably make something catch fire/break/explode, because I didn’t think about what might happen.
Bye, and enjoy this pic.

To see the movie clip, Search ‘This is Sparta’ on YouTube.


One thought on “Wheeeeee!

  1. Heh, I have a feeling I’m pretty out-of-shape myself, and I have no basketball camp to help me repair my condition! TT_TT Ah, well, If I stopped being a lazy bum I’m sure I wouldn’t have that problem ^^”

    Hm, that’s quite curious! People are FINALLY accepting the truth about “myths”! ^^

    Hm, that is interesting! I don’t usually, either; it does feel strange! TT_TT

    Oh, squishy mattresses are quite nice! ^^

    Hey, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a crazy nut job! ^^

    I’ve never had those! They sound yummy, though ^^

    Whoa, you play some pretty important positions!

    I totally agree with you on the last one–but I only dance when I’m absolutely positive no one is looking ^^”

    It’s probably good you don’t like combining potentially combustible things ^^”

    HA! It’s been AGES since I’ve seen that video, but it still makes me chuckle ^^

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