SC Needs a Life…. And Some Sleep.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

I know what you’re thinking: “What kinda crazy person is on the Internet at 1:30 AM?” (I’m a crazy nutcase. It’s the truth.)
So, I always have to A: Wake up at 4:00 AM or B: Stay up til 4:00 AM.
I chose B. ~The answer is always B.~

-Only Normal People Need Sleep.(Favorite Quote from Charlie on Pocket God.)-

My sleeping habits are way off. Which isn’t so good since school starts in a few weeks. (About 3.)

Anyway, I’ve been taking Percy Jackson quizzes. (I needed a brake from Fanfiction.) Okay, so I’m like obsessed with those books. They cause weird dreams if read right before sleeping, but they’re awesome.

What I did Yesterday:
Back to School Shopping
Found Crackle nail polish at Claires. My sister bought some, Said it would look awesome for the Homecoming dance. It’s black.
Bought clip in hair streaks. Mom said no to the spray, even though it was sparkly. She said”I don’t want you spraying it on the cat!” She’s probably right, I could see a sparkly Cookeh running through the house.
Got yelled at by Mom countless times because I wasn’t “Walking right.” Then was forced into proper walking form and was reminded about the back brace I might have to wear.(As Explained in my last post, I have a slight curve in my upper back, near my shoulders, and if it gets worse, I’ll need to wear a brace to straigten it out.)

Question: Does this,

Or this,

Describe me best?
Yeah, they’re from the same quiz, but these are the top 2 people I keep getting.

Random Question(I forgot where I got this…):
What would you do if you lived in your favorite books?
1)Annoy people with random and probably useless Ke$ha facts,
2)Yell “FOR NARNIA!” and charge to the other side while Playing Capture the Flag,ignoring whatever strategy we were using,
3)Use the Apollo cabin as my personal iPod,probably making them sing Ke$ha over and over,
4)Go swimming and refuse to get out until someone forces me to,
5) Partay!(It’s not Party… It’s Partay.)
6)And of course get claimed by Whoever the god/goddess of crazy nut cases is.
I know you’d feel sorry for My half sisters/brothers, unless they were crazier nut cases.

My shoulder I fell out of the swing on about a month ago is sore.

Anyway enjoy this song and good night. Uh.. Morning? :


5 thoughts on “SC Needs a Life…. And Some Sleep.

  1. Eh it’s alright at some point in our lives we don’t want any sleep

    Cool stuff you bought. I really should buy some crackle. My mom thinks clip on hightlights and real highlights are not “professional” for school :/

    Hmm. I would annoy the main characters. That would be fun, play some pranks. 😀

    Hey, i love that song!

    1. This point is now.
      My mom asked if I was going to wear them to the first day of school.
      Annoying the main characters(or any other characters) sounds fun. I would probably be bugging them with useless Ke$ha facts. (As said in the post. ^_^. )
      It’s one of my favorite Ke$ha songs, and the first one I heard.
      ~My sister painted my nails Blue-My favorite color- and Black crackle. It looks cool.~

  2. Oh, I wish I didn’t have to sleep! There’s not enough time in the day to do all the stuff I love TT_TT

    Percy Jackson quizzes? Cool!

    Your shopping day sounds interesting! And, once again, I’m SOO sorry about your back! I hope it gets better without a brace! TT_TT

    Hmm, I personally think you’re a mix between the two of them! You’re not a worry wart like Annabeth, but you’re not cocky, like Percy ^^

    Hehe, I’d probably do number 2 ^^”

    Tik Tok! That song brings back memories! ^_TT

    1. I know right?
      Yeah, I stayed up til 5:00 AM just so I could take them all.
      It was… Every few minutes, I’d hear “Walk with your shoulders back!”
      My back doesn’t hurt. It’s just slightly curved. Maybe the Brace’ll get me outta Gym. -It would backfire though, I’d probably have to miss sports, too.-

      #2 Sounds like the most fun.(Well,playing Capture the Flag with sharp objects is probably fun in general. The version we play in Gym lacks fun.) Except ignoring the strategy might lead to some pretty mad teammates.

      Tik Tok reminds me of the Sleepovers I have with my friends. (And they’re pretty wild.)

      1. Oh, it’s very good that it doesn’t hurt! There’s nothing more annoying than an achey back TT_TT And I hope it doesn’t mean you can’t do sports, that would stink–big time!

        Hehe, my teammates often find me annoying, anyway ^^ I have nothing to lose!

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