Hey, guys.

Well, this old fart is back from school camp! ^^ I had so much fun – I hate to admit it, but even the fourteen mile hike on the beach was fun! We went on a campsite on South Stradbroke Island and instead of cabins, like last year’s camp in the mountains, we slept in tents.

It kind of sucked that Laura left our tent for another tent, but Billie (who is a GIRL) and I had extra room so that was good. We didn’t argue at all for once, but Billie and India had a little feud. Paris left bossy-boots India for our tent on the last night, but she really didn’t want to hurt India’s feelings even though India had hurt her’s many times,

The food was certainly… interesting. I won’t go into detail. Pretty much the only thing that sucked on camp was the thing with Laura and the fact the showers were all together with no doors. We had to shower in our swimmers but I forgot to bring mine so for four days I didn’t shower. D: But everything else was awesome.

Anyway, I came back home and started drawing and put off posting for a few days. I was drawing RCG’s prize for winning me Twisted Wizard on Poptropica. I guess I have it all done, but I need to put on some fancy-shmancy effects and I need to ask what would you like your Poptropican’s hair and eye colour to be? Please don’t ask the hair colour to be black because I really suck at black hair. ^^”

I know that I posted a full-body sketch like ages ago, but I  gave up and decided just to do a head-shot. I’m sorry about how lazy this looks. ^^” Also, I filtered the hair and eyes to be purple, but I can make them absolutely any colour you’d like.

I changed the fringe and took away the goggles coz they were frustrating me, so now it doesn’t look at all like IM. D:

~RN is going to SLEEP


7 thoughts on “Hey, guys.

    1. Oh god ^^” I meant to write 14 km, which is around 8 miles. I would NEVER be able to 14 miles (around 22km) xD

  1. whoah! That sounds like an epicly fun camp and I am glad your back! 😀

    Haha nice hair but the eyes…their creepah! D:

  2. When my class took a school trip to a State Park we sprinted the mile trail in like 10 minutes. The map said it would take an hour.
    That’s an awesome pic!
    Don’t worry, you can get better at black hair if you practice.

  3. Yay, welcome back! It sounds like your camp was awesome ^^

    Aww, I’m sorry about the tent-drama! TT_TT It sounds like it had its good parts, too, though!

    Yikes, group showers! I don’t blame you for not showering; I would have felt self conscious in full-clothing! For me, it just feels odd to shampoo your hair and shave your armpits in front of other people ^^”

    Oh, yay! I can’t wait to see the finished drawing! It looks awesome, as of right now; and I don’t blame you for taking off the goggles. I think it looks much prettier; you can see all the hard work you spent on her eyes ^^

    For me, doing a headshot would be lazy, but for you it’s not at all! You put so much work and care into everything you do that NONE of it can be called lazy ^^ Keep up the good work!

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