Like Whoa. *_*

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

You’re wondering,What’s up with the title? Well, I realized I haven’t listened to Like Whoa by Aly and Aj in forever, so I had to search it on YouTube and listen to it.
“Every inch of me is Like Whoa, Whoa.”

Anyway, I had to go to the hated store Walmart.
Why? I mean, there are tons of other(probably cheaper) stores out there.

Should I make a segment called Stuff You Don’t Wanna Do at Walmart Unless You Want Kicked Out. I could make scenarios to go with them and have my characters perform them.
Like this:(Except I used myself in this one.)
Rule 1: Don’t dress up like Lady Gaga, steal a CD,put it in the display computers,crank it all the way up, and sing Poker Face on top of the Electonic Department desk.

SC grabbed a blonde wig and some makeup and ran to the bathroom. She didn’t come out til she looked almost exactly like Lady Gaga. While she was walking to the CD department, she saw a top hat and thought ‘Why not?’ and put it on.
When she reached the CD department she found a Lady Gaga CD,put it in a random display computer,cranked it up all the way, and hopped up on the Electronic Department desk.
“P-P-P-Poker Face, P-P-Poker Face” She sang, not realizing that one of the workers had gone to get the manager.

See? The rules are fine on their own, but scenarios make it more entertaining. If I lookup list fiction, I always enjoy reading the ones with scenarios included. Plus, it helps me think more.

Anyway, It’s only about 80 outside. I might wanna be a desert animal. It’s a ton cooler at night.
Random stuff:
-I ate Car shaped chicken nuggets today. They were weird(and obtained at Walmart). I thought they were just nugget shaped.

-Using big words isn’t fun. Especially when your English teacher tells you to.

-I’m addicted to the iPod.

-I stay up til about 4 AM unless I have to be somewhere, then I only stay up til’ Midnight.

-I’m obsessed with Mythology.

-This Post has 348 words.


One thought on “Like Whoa. *_*

  1. Haha! The whole “Walmart” segment thing sounds like it would be funny! ^^

    A car shaped chicken nugget? How interesting!

    Who ISN’T addicted to the iPod? ^^

    Much to my chagrin, I often stay up much too late TT_TT

    Mythology is great!

    Wow, that’s a lot of words!

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