This Friday Night.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Yeah, I used a Katy Perry song quote from Last Friday Night.
“This Friday Night, Do it all again.”

Anyway, I had Chineese Food, and ate this Coffee flavored cake stuff. And my fourtune in my fourtune Cookie was confusing. I did enjoy the cookie, though.

Sorry about the comment spree I made, I found out my internet was no longer slow, so I took the opportunity to comment.
For some reason, it’s the slowest at 8:00 PM…
It is pretty fast at 4:00 AM.(Cookeh decided she was going to meow loudly by my door for no reason. It was open, she could’ve walked in if she wanted to.)

I had to had to go to Wal-Mart today. I hate that store. Even though I convinced my parents to buy Beef Jerky.

We might go to the beach next weekend. It’s not a saltwater beach, it’s a Lake beach. Which is better because you can’t get saltwater in your eyes.(Saltwater burns.)

Or we might go to a river for swimming. Either way, it involves swimming. And swimming is the best choice for the hot weather.
It gets 90 degrees around 8:00. And it gets up to 100 near the hottest part of the day. Let’s hope the weather isn’t like this for Gym when school starts.

So, How do you keep cool on the hot days of the Summer?


One thought on “This Friday Night.

  1. That’s a catchy song! ^^

    Coffee flavored cake? Cool! My fortune cookie fortunes are always a load of hoey TT_TT I want to get a negative one, just once, so I can see if an anvil actually DOES drop in my head, or if I DO accidetally step on an angry scorpion.

    Hm, maybe there are just not a lot of people on the internet at 4:00? Although I don’t see why that would make your network any faster, unless it’s a public one (like mine). ^^”

    Wal-Mart–THOR, don’t even get me STARTED. TT_TT

    Oh, that sounds like fun! Saltwater is kind of unpleasant–I agree.

    Swimming is awesome! And I’m with you–I like to go swimming. We have a pool, so we just jump in whenever it gets too hot! ^^

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