100th Post Using WordPress!

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

7/28/16: “I can’t believe I wasted my 100th post on this.” Now with bolded commentary.

So, this is my 100th post on Where Thunder Roars and The Huntresses of Artemis. So, WordPress. And I’ve been on here since May 27th and on the Huntresses of Artemis since June the 14th.
So, To the Blogging Part:

About a month til’ 7th grade. So, Who on here is going into the 7th grade when their school starts? I’m a Senior now. What do you think about that?
I get a whole unit on Greek Mythology. (I know, I’ve said this so much, but I’m super excited.) I have to read Hamlet this year…
I get to do Physical Science. (My least favorite kind of Science.) And now you’re signing up for Astronomy at the college because you still hate physical science. 
I have a Poetry Unit in English.(And I can’t write poetry. I could maybe write a rap or a Ke$ha-like song. But not Poetry. There’s way too many types of poetry.) A lot of poems are metaphors for death or some other tragedy. 
I get to do Mini Plays about Greek Mythology! (I love them. They’re small but fun.) You go on to do High School plays. If you’re reading this, don’t get involved in Seussical your Sophomore year. It was torture for the whole cast. 
-It helps to have an Older Sister and 8th grade friends.-

Speaking of my sister, she knows a ton of stuff about Artemis! She had to do a slideshow on a God/Goddess. -In the 7th grade.- You also did yours on Artemis. It was pretty cool, not going to lie. 

I get a haircut today. But I also have to go to the Mall for Back to School shopping.
To me, Money should be used to buy Ke$ha CDs, Earrings, Mythology Books, Movie Tickets, and Maybe the Occasional Shirt you don’t think you can live without. Who trusted me with money?  I wish I still got money for Back to School things.
Not School stuff. Seriously? Who thought of this “School” anyway? Someone who didn’t want you to have a terrible job due to lack of education. You should thank them. 
Stuff I hate about School:
Gross Food(None of the meat is cooked enough, or is burnt. Or you find a hair that isn’t yours in your food. Or in some cases, a bone in your Chicken Nugget.) I still remember this. Eww. 
Boring Subjects
Hard Desk Seats. (Seriously, Why do the teachers only get the squishy ones?) The ones in High School are worse. Quit complaining.
Gym Outside when it’s really hot outside. (Everyone hates being outside when it’s hot, That’s why we have AIR CONDITIONED GYMS!) Your High School gym has no air conditioning, but Marching Band gets you out of any type of gym class. 
Tiny Lockers.(I can’t keep anything in there.) The one you get your Junior year is much smaller. And Senior year they were smaller than some of your shoeboxes… 
Having to sit by someone you absolutely hate. -There’s only 1 person in my class that I hate, and I get stuck sitting near her every time.- I don’t even remember who this girl is. I had absolutely no enemies graduating 8th grade. 
There aren’t any good books in there that I haven’t already read. True. English classroom library was sad. So were AR tests. 
[This list has gotten pretty long. I could go on.]

Stuff I do at school during a boring class:
Stare off into space.(Wait, I do that most of the time. I’m never in reality, thanks to my boring life.) Stare at the board. 
Pass notes to friends(Secretly.) Text under the desk. 
Doodle Your notes make no sense, and bad scribbles don’t help.
Read under desk Pick at nails/nail polish
Pretend to be interested. I definitely understand this 10 step equation. 
Play with hair This is why you have split ends. 
Mess with something on desk Play with earrings.
Attempt to sleep with eyes open(It never works, but I can try, right?)
Stare at Clock and wonder how long it is til’ the next class or Lunch. My classes aren’t too bad anymore, but Resource Management felt like an eternity. It was right before lunch, too.

Okay enough with the school talk, I’ve had Party at a Rich Dude’s House stuck in my head. You got it stuck in my head. I miss glittery Kesha sometimes. I’m glad she’s happy, though. And I have figured out that Songfiction is harder than it looks and that most of the Fanfiction people are writing them wrong. Songfictions with included lyrics are horrible. Don’t ever do them if you’re serious about writing. 
Also, If I wrote a Mythology Fiction, the characters would be how I saw them, and not based off a book. That’s called character interpretation. And I’d base one of them of me or my friends, because I find it easier. Never base characters on yourself, unless you’re making a fictional telling of an event you’ve gone through. Even then, stories like The Bell Jar are painful to read. 
I would never be good at fiction using other people’s characters. I could never get their personalities right, unless they came out and told me, but I could say “No way this character would do that!” I’m glad you’ve never written Fanfiction. 
Well, Sorry about the school rant and I hope my haircut turns out great. It won’t because you kept cutting it short. I’m glad you straightened up toward the end of 8th grade, but it’s taken me almost 4 years to grow my hair out again, and it’s still not done. I hate you for this. 
Random Qusetion(s): Do you want me to write a Mythology story and If I do, Who should I base myself on? No one. Don’t base yourself on anyone. Please. 


4 thoughts on “100th Post Using WordPress!

  1. Thats cool your 100th post?

    OOH me! I am going into 7th grade.

    We dont have a school supplies list. I liek going school shopping cause there’s lots of pens.

    CUSHIONS! WE should bring our own CUSHIONS! 😀

    I read your whole post but my mom’s screaming for me too get off so sorry for not commenting on everything! ^^

  2. I got this thing after I published a post that said I had published 3,100 posts, and I think they must have meant either comments or it was an error. Either way, that’s a HUGE milestone. I’m going in to 8th grade.

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