My RP Character: Edited.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Yeah, I’m gonna fix my Battle of the Beings character a little bit. The original is here:

Name: Camile
Mom: Nut(The Sky Goddess)
Dad: Mark (He’s just a regular guy.)
Age: 13
Eye Color: Green
Hair Style: Wavy and kinda messy, Falls a little bit past her shoulders.
Hair Color: Black with some red highlights.

Other Stuff: Well you can guess she’s half goddess, but she’s not Greek, so no werid summer camps for her. Camile can easily pass for an average teenage girl, and hardly gets recognized for who she actually is. She can read some hieroglyphs(But not all. She had to teach herself how to read them.) and can easily recognize her mom’s name and also her own. She gets along with other people almost always. She has a nice singing voice and is a pretty good actress. She likes the color blue because it reminds the sky (Or water.)

Weaknesses/Flaws: She can’t read hieroglyphics very well, she is sometimes mistaked for her mom and gets into trouble with her enimies, she can’t control her powers sometimes like sometimes a simple handshake can give you a shock of lightning, She can die unlike her mom, she’s lazy ,sometimes does stuff before she even thinks about it, and it’s usually hard to change her mind about stuff.

Powers: She can summon lightning, rain , hail, thunder. Basically , anything that usually rains down from the sky.

Weapon: A spear easily designed to magically disguise itself into a cresent moon shaped hairclip.

Likes: Cookeh, Blue, Swimming, Music(Preferably Ke$ha), Volleyball, acting, singing, hanging out with friends and family, mythology.

Dislikes: Being Mistaked for her mom, Justin Bieber and his obsessed fan girls, arguments, when she can’t control her powers, the color pink.

I didn’t change much, but I did change mistakes.


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