SC Talks About: Fanfiction.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Still mildly relevant. I’m okay with romance as long as it’s not practically a written porn film. Is there something the author isn’t telling us?

Well, I’m gonna talk about what I like/hate about Fanfiction.

What I hate:
Romance Fanfiction
An OC dating a Canon (That’s the people the author of the actual book/series makes up is called.) character who already has a girlfriend/boyfriend. But I’m totally fine with OCs and Canon characters being friends or If the Canon character doesn’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend I’m fine with them dating an OC.
When people use 2 Canon characters to make up a couple that doesn’t/probably never will exist.
When they change the personality of the Canon Characters.
When their OC is loved by everyone, even the villains. AKA: Mary Sues.

What I like:
When the Canon Characters stay the same, but are still used.
Less Romance. (I’m okay with a little bit, like maybe a kiss every now and then. But not like every chapter!)
A good plot. It can follow the actual book plot, or It can be totally different, Just as long as it’s a good one.

Yeah, I’ve been looking at some Percy Jackson Fanfiction and They’re usually love stories-Mostly about a certain Canon Couple. You can probably guess.- or just plain terrible -Like grab me a trashcan I need to throw up kinda terrible.-.
So,Go find me some good Fanfiction, or a good book.


6 thoughts on “SC Talks About: Fanfiction.

    1. I know right? It’s so… [How can I describe this?]…. Bleh. They’re so obsessed with the couples,They don’t even enjoy the books! And every Fanfiction of the book has some sorta love story in it.
      Romance Isn’t for me,but I’m okay with a little bit of love or something like “Aww! :3 That’s so sweet!”
      But If it’s too fluffy or romancy, cause If it was I’d toss the book aside and make a run for the nearest trashcan.

  1. Oh, man! I’d hate to be a character in a book who got stuck with someone they didn’t like or got my personality changed by a fanfiction writer!

    I honestly don’t mind Mary Sues because I have friends who are good multiple things, and are also liked by everyone (There’s a girl a grade below me who’s an incredible athlete, an incredible singer, an incredible actress, and about three hundred times as good as me at drawing–and alongside this, she also plays the violin, fiddle, guitar, and some other instrument I can’t remember the name of–and she’s SUPER nice!), although I don’t often read fanfiction and I can imagine that some of the characters’ Mary Sue-ness can go, well, WAY over the top.

    I don’t read much fanfiction, but from the sound of it I’m fortunate not to! ^^”

    Oh, oh! I know awesome books! I really like The Hunt for the Seventh (which is this totally original and awesome ghost story), the Charlie Bone books (I don’t know what they’re officially called ^^”) Skulduggery Pleasant, the His Dark Materials trilogy, The Dragonlance Chronicles, Lord of the Rings (Of course!) and The Hobbit, and the Fablehaven series, for starters. (You’ve probably already read most of these, though ^^”)

    1. Yeah, I’d be pretty Mad about that too.
      Real People aren’t Mary Sues, because all of us have flaws. And at least one person in this world hates us.
      Your Friend seems like a nice person. Maybe the insturment she plays is the Viola. It’s like a Violin.
      Some Fanfiction is totally epic, With a ton of creativity and originality.

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