I sort of fail Outlined on Paint.Net: Redid the lines: Finished product e___e (yeah…I sorta colored out of the lines a lot. Tilt back to see the shades) OTL…fail. Anyway, I was also messing around with the features of Paint Tool SAI: Ha. Yeah, that’s Taylor Swift. I had learned how to manipulate eye and hair color on Photoshop, but I don’t have Photoshop, so I tried Paint Tool SAI. …yeah, it didn’t really work, as you can probably figure out.


6 thoughts on “blech!

  1. Oh, I LOVE the girl in your first drawing! She is gorgeous! ^^ You are the exact opposite of a fail!

    You did that on the COMPUTER? My computer art looks like squiggles (in a bad way)!

    Also, Taylor Swift looks very good with dark hair! ^^

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