It’s SC! :)

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Very first post. I’m embarrassed. 

5/27/16: There is a new post where I reintroduce myself.

Hey! I joined this blog today! (That rhymed. That was creepy. Yeah, I hate poetry)

-Stuff About Me!-

I live in the USA. I’m fun and hyper and am friends with almost anyone. I enjoy singing, acting, and Role Play. My favorite singers are Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, Fefe Dobson, The Chipettes, Carrie Underwood , Aly and Aj, and Hilary Duff.
My favorite genre of music is either pop or country. I like Mythology and my favorite books are the Percy Jackson series. By the way, I hate Justin Bieber and his songs. My favorite school subject is Music. I’m in the school band. I’m also smart(ish).

My advice to you- Never wack ants with your Milk carton.
I got 2 questions 1) How do you change your username? And 2) What exactly is a Mary Sue and why do people wanna avoid turning their RP characters into one? (I’ve only RPed with existing characters.) Questions answered. 🙂
Well, Hope you enjoy me working on here.


5 thoughts on “It’s SC! :)

  1. Welcome to the blog, SC! 😀

    1. It’s possible to change your username– but only once. However, I’m assuming you want to change your display name, not your username. If that’s the case, just go to “My Account” in the top, and then “Edit Profile” 🙂

    2. A Mary Sue/Gary Stu is a character that is perfect in every way, no flaws at all. It may sound like an ideal character, but it is completely unrealistic and usually very boring.

  2. Thanks, I’ll enjoy posting here. and Thanks for the info.

    I took the Mary Sue test(Will post link later)and Camile(My character from an old story) scored just fine.(Well, I scored about a 26(Which is good) out of 50+ (Which is not so good).

    So,I might use her to RP.

  3. Welcome to the blog, Silver Coyote! ^-^ It’s awesome for you to join!

    What a cioncidence! I love Ke$ha, too! You must be a really big music fan to love so many different artists.

  4. Welcome!

    I am liking your music taste!

    Woop! Another JB hater I’m super happy!

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