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We got our grades in the mail today. It was nothing spectacular, just 94s and 97s and stuff– but I did manage to scrape a 96 for Math! ^^ And a 100 for Social Studies. I’m pretty happy with my grades–


What is this.

An 87?


I guess coming from an Asian family means they/I expect all As, but my mom was okay with it.

“As long as it’s not Math!” T^T

Other then that, I got asked to the PHF prom. Then I had to dump my cardboard cutout of Darren Criss to go with him. At least that assures me that people at least know me on the forums. XD

However, two others asked me, and I felt so awkward rejecting them. I hate rejection. :< I’m not a very nice person (according to some people, grumpy) but I do tend to break down when i have to reject someone.




6 thoughts on “Grades

  1. It’s awesome you have such great grades for the semester ^-^.

    Wow. You must be really likeable to be asked by three different guys! When I had my 6th grade prom this year, I got asked by 2 different guys that were my friends. I didn’t want either of them to feel bad so I ended up being the DJ. It was awesome though ^-^.

  2. Wow, your grades are awesome! They’re not average at all! ^^

    Seeeeeee? What did we tell you? You’re a perfectly wonderful person, so OF COURSE you got asked out to the prom! Congratulations! ^^

    Don’t feel bad about rejecting those two–you couldn’t go with three guys! At least you didn’t say yes to the first guy, then agree to go with one of the other guys and dump the first one! ^^”

  3. I haven’t gotten my grades yet but I expect mostly A’s and maybe a few B’s like in Math or English.

    Over the Summer I forget all the stuff I learned during the school year so my brain can make room for all the other stuff that I’ll learn in the Next school year. (Okay so I remember SOME of it. But the useless stuff is forgotten.)

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