If there’s one thing I hate about Tennessee,

It’s the freaking weather.

We get tornadoes all the time, but I’m getting kinda sick of them. The tornado siren went blaring off in the middle of 6th period, and we all rushed outside into the hallway and huddled together.

At about 2:50, 20 minutes after school as supposed to end, we finally loaded the buses. Right in the middle of the road, a warning began on the radio.

“Blah blah blah severe tornado warning Wilson county blah blah”

I don’t live there, so, not many of us were worried, but I sure was.

But what really saddened me was the wreckage– so many trees all across the road. Even POWER CORDS were strewn across the road. It was the flood of May ’10 all over again.

Exaggeration. 😛 The flood was a bit worse, but, you know, still.

But still, I hated seeing all those trees, that probably stood high and tall for many many years, all broken and splintered.

I’m odd like that.


Anyway, while my neighbors and me were walking home from the bus stop, huddled under a teeny umbrella as the rain poured beside us, we noticed a freaking GUTTER and a WAGON in the middle of the road– plus not to mention all those trash cans.

Stranger, when I reached my front door, I realized that the little cat decor that we had hadn’t moved an inch. It was on the side of the front steps…where it always was.

Strange how a storm can tear apart a gutter but not blow away a light, plastic cat.

So once I get home, I realize the electricity’s out! NO INTERNET!

So I’m stuffing my face with goldfish and reading a book about fairy tales.

Not that I’m complaining, but hey, I need my internet. 😆

Guess what? After all this damage, I still have to go to a band concert!

I’m supposed to get there by 6:30, but it’s nearly 6 and my parents aren’t even home. 😦 I hope they’re okay.


3 thoughts on “If there’s one thing I hate about Tennessee,

  1. It is really,really windy where I live,but it FINALLY stopped raining. My cat is freaked though. She’s under the bed.

  2. Yikes, tornadoes sound scary! TT_TT

    I can understand why you would be sad looking at the poor trees. If you need to cheer yourself up, I guess you could think, “A natural death by a tornado is better than a premature death by an angry landowner”. But still, if we lost the tree in our front yard, I would be very sad TT_TT

    And you’re right, tornadoes ARE weird. They’re like choosy hurricanes. ^^”

    I’m sorry you lost your internet!

    I’ll bet your parents are absolutely a-okay. And good luck in your concert! ^^

  3. Wow. I feel really sad for you.
    I also feel sad for trees like that sometimes. I’m like “No! You don’t deserve to die!”
    Where I live, it’s all sunny and happy then after like 2 days it gets all rainy and gloomy. I think this weird weather has to do with the end of the world. Or maybe it’s just like that here cuz it’s the city. IDK
    I hope your parents are ok.
    If someone threw skittles at me and said: “Taste the rainbow”, I would throw M&M’s at them and say: “I’m not afraid”.

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