DC and highlights of my day


One down…two to go!

If anyone has a nebula, ice, or sunsong dragon,  I’d be happy to trade…please just email me! I’m a desperate egg hunter >3<


-Today we signed up for our related arts for next year. It took me forever, but I finally decided to quit band…ARGH.

-Speaking of band, I hate some of my bandmates sometimes…First, imagine the snobbiest voice you can think of. Tone it down a little. You’llg et an idea of what Rachel and Gabriel sounded like… So the guy who sits next to me stuck his tongue out at Gabriel and her best friend Rachel saw. Rachel made a huge deal about it. She told Gabriel and Gab’s like, “YOU ARE SO IMMATURE. What grade are you in?! blah blah blah blah no one cares blah bee blah” And I said, “Isn’t it awful immature to make a big fuss over someone sticking their tongue out at you?” Sometimes I should control my tongue… Gabriel makes this almost too fake to believe gasp and turns to Rachel. “SHE JUST CALLED US IMMATURE.” And Rachel looks at me, and with the most venomous yet whiniest voice ever, “No, YOU’RE IMMATURE!” Taylor says, “I’m with Tian on this one…” and they start attacking him. Honestly…

-I got the lowest grade I’ve ever gotten on a band test, aside from chairs– A 98. GASP 😛

-Inkheart was good. Inkspell seemed to slip a bit…INKHEART MAKES ME FEEL ALL STONY INSIDE. It’s better then whatever I could accomplish, but it just doesn’t have the same magic…

-Enough rambling, random picture time.

Oh, HTML tab…why do you do this to me?!


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