Attention all DragCave users

Do your eggs and hatchlings always end up dying? Are you unable to save them? That’s okay. Because Lady Raven, an experienced dragon friend, knows exactly how to help them. And all I need is an egg/hatchling or two. This is called an egg trade. Except I’ll be offering my services instead. Egg trading is risky business, now, and sometimes I won’t get the egg. But that’s okay…I’ll simply offer my services for 6 months rather then a year, which is the standard package.

I promise 99.9% of the chance your eggs will hatch and your hatchlings will grow. But you have to give me 3 days for each egg to work my magic! Sometimes I may be on some lonely island with no connection to the dragon cave, so if this happens, I’ll tell you, and extend my services for 3 months.

Don’t you want your dragons to grow up nice and healthy?! All that simply for an egg or hatchling. These are the kinds I’m looking for::

This egg is almost too hot to touch.

This egg is about the third of the size of other eggs.

This egg gives off a beautiful glow.

This egg is tiny and made of several pieces of paper folded together.

Whenever you go near this egg your hair stands on end.

This egg has a brilliant radiance coming off of it.

This egg has icicles forming on it.

Electric sparks dance across the surface of this egg.

Please email me if you’re willing to strike up a trade! I will then reply with instructions on how to transport the egg to me. Remember, this is risky.

A account
An egg or hatchling
Some way to be able to communicate with me by IM (AIM, Gmail, Xat, and dA chat are preffered)
A risky side that loves danger



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