My First Adverture

I wander the rivers of north Zadaa daydreaming about my powers. I wonder what i will do one day with them. When i was a newborn boy, my mother tells me that i created these rivers of Zadaa. I still cant believe it to this day. I go farther into the deep forest nearing the mountain. This mountain ( Mt. Jype ) was once a volcano. I wonder if i will ever be able to make it a volcano again. I feel a small breeze behind me.  I turn around slowly, knowing that there is someone there. When i finally turn around, I notice that it is not a person but an animal.  It’s a small animal and it’s not familiar. It looks as if it as ran from the sun and back. It looked very thirsty. I took out my hydrome and put it on my finger. Water came out if the hyrdome and  went into the small animal’s mouth. It was grateful. Later on, I figured out that the small animal was a species that was nearly extinct and revived. From that time on, the small animal was my companion and was named Hydro. He was liked my sidekick, following me everywhere I go.  A year later I was 11 and was wandering the forest that I had 1 year ago when I found Hydro. Hydro was on my shoulder. The ground shook underneath me. Hydro was in a state of shock. I tried to run but there was no where to go. I saw a light underneath a tree and thought it would protect me from whatever is going on. Silly me, that would just start my adventure. I ran to the light and jumped under the tree. I thought I was safe, but as soon as I slid under the tree, I began to fall. Falling uncontrollably. The tunnel I was falling down, was gleaming with white crystals and lit up the whole tunnel. SPLASH! I fell into a body of water. Everything went black.


2 thoughts on “My First Adverture

  1. Nice story, Maroon Thunder.

    I’m just wondering, did this blog change? Some of the authors I don’t recognize (or maybe it’s because I’m getting older), and most of the former authors I knew were deleted.

    It would be nice if I get an answer.


    1. Thanks! Umm well since many of the previous authors didnt post anymore, they were deleted and new authors were added.

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