For WM’s Story

This is for Darkness!

Name: Midblak

Hair: Shiny, wavy black with hints of blue.

Eyes: Soft yellow

History: She had been attacked by a dark lover, which put blood into blood, and made Midblak love dark, and which she got from the dark lover’s blood, she could see in the dark.

Personality: She has deep, dark thoughts, not happy ones, and she always tells everybody the bad things about things, which she can sense well, which makes her a psychic.

Likes: The cold, the dark, bad thoughts.

Dislikes: The hot, the sunlight, good thoughts.

THis is h

Sana: hmmm sounds an awful lot like

Name: Raven

Eyes color- Depends on her mood she can change the color.

Hair- Long,straight,and black.

Looks like: Black hair, golden eyes most of the time, stitched up mouth,pale,tall,and is a vampire ;) .

Personality:Cold,mean,angry,proud to be a vampire,sarcastic, always wants to fight,etc..

Power:Darkness,black magic, and crap, ice/snow, wind, the dead,OH and make things diff. color.


12 thoughts on “For WM’s Story

  1. No. Raven was my “special” character, I made her the vampire and the only vampire which made her unique.. She had YELLOW eyes that were also unique,plus I was darkness and you just put me up there as a leader! Thats not what I had in mind I wanted to be a leader, but the darkness leader. When I put up cold,blackmagic,and like the dark she put the same thing…It is not fair,Thats my character…….My unique character. The thing that pissed me off the most is The YELLOW eyes, THAT WAS MY IDEA!!!! 😦

      1. Yes a leader but the title of “The leader of darkness.”

        Is that the only part you care about: :/

  2. GOD, raven, I swear on my life I never thought about your character when I made this! SF is more mature than you.

    You ans Sana and stuck toghether like two wads of gum!

    Yeah. like you can say ‘No’ to the maker of this blog. You think you can? You don’t even act like 13. You don’t deserve to not be deleted.

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