Off Topic. Sorry.

I’m sorry this isnt about Poptropica, but I need to get a few things settled. First of all, I am SUPER mad right now, because my spoiled, bratty, and annoying neighbor poured salt all over a slug. I LOVE nature and I nearly punched him for that. (not the first time I wanted to, he threw a butterfly in his pool once) I screamed at him, “I can’t believe you just did that, do you ever think of anything else besides yourself? You just killed an innocent slug!” Wow, I’m a loser. He just said, “WHo cares about slugs? Theyre just stupid bugs.” I tried to say something else, but I felt tears. He called me a crybaby, and I went home. I thought about the cricket that was in the gym, how it was my fault I pointed it out, and got it smashed. I thought about how I wanted to cup it in my hands, and set it outside. I thought about how my friend called me the Crazy Nature Girl, and how it stuck. I punched my pillow and I literally started crying. It’s stupid to cry over “silly little bugs” but I couldn’t help it. I was going crazy over a slug and a crickett. ANyways, on to the next thing.

I’m stating school soon, and it STINKS! It’s not going to be a half day like it usually is, it’s going to be whole! I don’t mind somethings in school, but its the popular group of kids I can’t stand. And of course, the cafeteria food.

Finally, something about Poptropica! After reading sneakyc’s blog, I found out some things. And, I also experimented a little bit. The things I found out were:

1. Shark Boy’s username is sharkboycreator.

2. I think that Ned Noodlehead’s username is nednoodlehead.

3. Binary Bard’s username is binarybard.

If you don’t believe me, just look it up in the Poptropica’s Avatar Studio. But please, please don’t hack into their accounts or impersonate them.

That’s all, bye.


R.I.P Slug, and all the other innocent animals killed by wicked, wicked people.


45 thoughts on “Off Topic. Sorry.

        1. Yeah…he turned into a butterfly and he flew on Spongebob’s glass helmet thing in Sandy’s house…I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT! IT SO SCARY!

  1. I like bugs also. Except for some ant, that bite me for no good reason. I HATE it when people kill poor, little bugs. My friend steped on a daddy longlegger. I was very upset at him. Also, I have a half-pet toad. Well, he isn’t really my pet. He roams free, but he lives in my back yard. I see him every night.

  2. I don’t think that nednoodlehead is his username because it would have came up Comic Kid underneath him on the avatar studio when it came up Comical Flame.

      1. We must make a post saying “R.I.P. Slug” 😥 Why the slugs?! Why not the wolf spiders?! Slugs never hurt anyone!

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