30,000 HITS!!!!!!

OH YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!! 30,000 HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think that the surprise is a CONTEST!!!!!!! Submit in your POPTROPICA ART and you may win a poptropican with 1,000 credits!

I think I will be a judge with 2 other people.

Please send the art to poptropicalthunder@gmail.com


46 thoughts on “30,000 HITS!!!!!!

    1. I think i’ll let the other authors do that because i’m sure Neat Whale has a fantastic thing! Maybe she can edit it!

      1. Sure!!!!! Um I think we should give them A scale of 1-5 ranking and then add it all up although someone will have to do sub for me when i put mine up. I want to participate too!!!!!!!!! But i think we should judge on wednesday because i have to go on vacation.

  1. Neither can I. I don’t have a scanner and there is no way I’ll win with something from MS Paint. I stink with it.

    1. Would you like to be a judge? Because I don’t want to because I want to enter my own art unless someone else besides You And Serious Fox judges mine.

    1. Yes You can be a judge but no more judges please otherwise me neat whale and sparkle star will be the only ones competing. I just took a pic of my art with my camera!

    1. Do you have a scanner? If you do, scan the picture. Do you not have a scanner and have a webcam? Then hold the paper on the screen and take it. You get on email and press “Attach a file” then find the file Scanner and Webcam and double click the picture.

  2. *eats some cookies but dad takes the last one away from her “Serious Fox you know that you can’t eat to many cookies!” but then Serious Fox gets hyper and jumps off the walls,takes the last cookie from her father, eats it and runs out the door then gets more hyper She stops and comes back “that’s it you are grounded young lady!”* ok i am done.

      1. lol my brother calls it “aht” he’s like, “Sis! come look at my AHT!”
        kinda random, but i think it’s funny.

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