9,000 Hits N’ STILL Counting!

We have just earned 9,000 hits!!!! *Cookies fall out of all directions*
We are making hits so fast! It’s all because of you guys! COMMENTS!
I will have a SPECIAL thing planned for us on 10,000 hits! Keep commenting! Lets get 10,000 hits! Now here’s a song about our blog just for us getting that many comments and hits! We have over 1,100 comments.
9,ooo 9,ooo 9,ooo hi. 9,ooo hi. 9,ooo hi hi hi hi.
I-i a-am s-sorry w-we h-have i-internet d-disconnection p-please t-try a-again l-later s-sorry f-for t-the i-inconvienent….
—000-1–2-302—2-34 _________disconnection—–000111222333444555_—-_—-_—-_—-_—-_—-_—-_ s-self d-destruct—_–_-__-__ i-in 5-5 4-4 3-3 2-2 1-1 __ *Ms. Thunder, my computer screen is broken!* *Sorry about that ma’am you must have pushed the self-distruct button…*

B-byeee slant’lettered computerrrrrr.. Beep beep bop boo boo bop. Computer shutting down in… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……. Windows…


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