Lately I’ve been really loving mid-evil times and interested in just how ever day life  was for them. Then, I had a dream where I was a very not-famous princess that was poor somehow living in a huge, stone castle, half of it unexplored. I wake up one night, with the candle on my nightstand burning brightly, even though I knew I had unburned (weird wording) it the night before. Also, my closet and bathroom doors were open, even though they’re usually closed.

[This is really important: last Friday I had watched The Haunting of Molly Hartley with Lauren (one of my close friends) while chowing down on Captain Crunch at'll get the following if you've watched that movie, click the movie title to watch the trailer, unless you don't do well with scary movies] So I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to pick up my candle and go into the bathroom. Inside, my crazed mother was sitting the, ready to murder me with a blood-crusted knife (again, please watch the trailer), so I ran screaming, and shut the door. I then somehow realized the whole castle was empty.

Then, I went to my closet. Instead of clothes, I found spiral steps. I then saw a shadow slip around the corner.

My candle only illuminated a sphere of light, so I couldn’t see above the stairs, so I started to climb them. I climbed and climbed until I reached a door. I opened the door, and there was my bed, and I could tell I was in my warm, nice castle again. I went to bed, and fell asleep.

And then I woke up.

So, yea, that dream inspired me to do this drawing. I decided to work on realism. I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow^^;

About the music? Just a song I’ve been totally obsessed with >.>..I NEED to get it on my itouch!

Lol so yes this little adventure has it’s own little soundtrack..anyways…to the story! (sorry if it’s gory or weird..that’s the affect of this was on loop while I wrote this..)


A bloody landscape with an orange sky fills your view. The black, leafless trees in the background droop and loom discouragingly. Bodies litter the ground, here and there, an obvious sign of a recent battle.

An exotic girl with prominent features and long, thick silky hair, swaying slightly in the breeze-less landscape sat on her shins, her back to you.

Not moving, with the exception of her hair, the whole scene is  quiet. Silent. Eerie. Your ears feel like they’re about to combust because of the thick silence, enveloping you, drowning you. You are underwater, the powerful silence surrounding you in the deep, dark water, no temperature at all. The pressure is pressing on you from all sides.

That’s what you felt like.

But you were only here, on this battlefield.

The stillness was unsettling. It would last forever, you thought. the taunting of that girl’s swaying hair. You muscles ached. When could you leave?

Finally, in relief, a flurry of bats drifted toward the sky. A lone hawk cried out. All the dead innocent men around you plastered you in silence.

Suddenly, a guilt-black tornado sped into view, silently, and thunder clapped your ears.

The girl leap up gracefully, fear crowding her reddish-amber eyes, fire flicking angrily.

A cloaked villain appeared in the place of the tornado, just as black, just as dangerous.

“So,” The cloaked woman cackled. Her voice echoed, piercing your very bones. “Give up yet?”

The girl’s hands rushed to her ears, her eyes pinching shut, sparks flitting (is that a word?) off her thick eyelashes. Her red-and-black hair whipped around her body, her bangs covering her eyes.

“Stop, Esmeralda,” She said in a confident voice, though her legs collapsed.

Esmeralda threw back her chin, cackling, revealing strong cheekbones and a mane of wild, frizzy curls of black hair, her eyes covered by an unnatural shadow. “Foolish girl, you cannot control me! You are a weak, little phoenix. You’ve never done anything right. What makes you thing you can control me, Thallassa? Or, shall I call you Phoenix, for you will be the last of your kind?”

Phoenix looked up. “What do you mean?”

Esmeralda sneered. “Why, you don’t know?” she started orbiting around Phoenix at a slow, lazy pace, her tornado whipping up bodies, blood splatting every where except for Phoenix and Esmeralda. “I will kill your family and close ones, starting with your love-” She gestured to the boy Phoenix was cradling in her arms, “and finishing with you elder, as long as you keep the Book in Flame in your possession.”

“It’s mine!” Phoenix exclaimed.

“No, you stole it from me. That book contains many secrets, and it shall be mine! Where do you keep it, anyway?”

Phoenix griped a diamond around her neck holding a flickering fire, staring back defiantly. “You may never know,” She cocked her head, her eyes fierce.

Esmeralda made a claw, twisting her wrist. Phoenix gasped, gripping her head, dropping the boy. “Tell me, girl, before I destroy you,”

“If you destroy me, the Book in Flame will be lost, and I’ll make sure you never find it!” Phoenix panted.

Esmeralda drew back suddenly, amused. “Fair enough,” Phoenix stopped gripping her head, her eyes still shut.

Esmeralda thrust upward with her forearm, a black scarf tied around her wrist slithering off, forming intricate patterns in the still air before it grew, as if unfolding, taking the shape of the boy Phoenix had cradled, a long dagger forming in one had, a chain with spikes in another.

“My creation here will injure you to the point of death but not kill you. He gets stronger as you fight him and injure him, unless hit directly in his death spot. Though he gets weaker while he rests and doesn’t engage in battle, he will always try to fight, always succeed. I will call him off if you hand me the book,”

Phoenix glanced at the figure. “What do you call it? Your creation.”

Esmeralda looked surprised. “I supposed I shall call it It. Yes, It has a nice ring to it.”

Phoenix grimaced. “Well, tell It to fight as hard as he wants, for he’s never going to get the book, and the Book shall be fighting along side me, never to be enfolded with darkness, poisoned with evil by you. The Book shall always have a pure, fiery core,”

Esmeralda grinned. “very well then. Say goodbye to your beloved,” she made a claw, twisted, and the boy lurched up gasping.

“Thallassa..” he choked.

Esmeralda closed her fist, smiling wickedly. The boy gave a final twitch, his eyes burning away to reveal empty sockets. “He’s gone, Phoenix, never to have an afterlife…never to see light…never to live another life…” Esmeralda whisped in a taunting melody, cackling softly in Phoenix’s ear.

Phoenix shook him, seeming to lose her mind. “No, no..he’s going to live another life..” She gave a choked cry, trying to grasp the last rays of hope slipping from her fingertips.

Esmeralda was suddenly alive, sparkling with electricity. “That’s the fate for all your close ones, just because of you!” She swept around and around, and suddenly halted, raising her arms.

The ‘It’ came to life, stretching and creaking.

Phoenix and It engaged in battle, a match for eachother, It’s ghostly qualities gliding, like black diamond, not a blemish to be found.

Finally, It started to overpower Phoenix, Esmeralda laughing gleefully. Phoenix made a grim expression, gripping her flaming swords harshly.

Suddenly, she whipped her wings forward, sweeping It back. Quicker than a blink, Phoenix dissapeared.

“Where-?” Esmeralda started, then she spotted a girl flying against the horizen.

“Cursed girl escaped again,” Esmeralda muttered darkly, the unnatural shadow still covering  her eyes, It nodding in agreement.


So? I think I’ll make this why Phoenix went into hiding…is it too dramatic?

I’m so sorry for the inactivity.

And I will still be writing the Dragon’s Keep, but I’m stumped and I need ideas :'( Though I won’t continue it very often because I’m writing something else with a friend (Don’t know if she wants to mention it) and it requires a lot of mid evil research, to make it more accurate.

Those are my excuses^^  I know this is a short meaningless post, I just don’t know what to post about. I’m stumped on everything! >n<


I’ve just got a few questions and stuff and I’ll probably delete this post later on, but..yeah.

Anyway, I got a new blog- Other Realm -and I do hope you’ll visit it later! right now, it’s kind of under construction. Does anyone know how to post things on other pages of  a blog on tumblr? Because I am terribly lost. But on there, I will have a journal, art stuff, and funny stuff, I just can’t figure out how to get them on the right pages yetx)

I also got a new DragCave account- NeverEverAfter – I liked my old one better but I lost my password and email stuff >.>…here’s something to click if you’re bored or something!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!    I don’t think they’re rare but they look pretty and I really want both to survive^^ I promise I won’t constantly put these eggs on posts ever! Just these two!

Lastly, I changed my username to a different font after alot of hard work-it’s the same font as RA’s and I just wanted to let her know, to make sure she’s okay with it…though the font doesn’t really belong to anyone x) but I guess RA had the idea…

One more thing..should I keep writing The Dragon’s Keep? I don’t know if the rest of you are that interested in dragon stuff besides Nireth and Raven Avelina.

Chapter 3:

Cameron woke up the next morning, his legs sore and stiff. His bed was unusually soft, the room considerably brighter than usual, and the air unexpectedly fresh. No dingy, stale smell, and he felt a slight breeze.

He sat up suddenly. That’s right! He was out of prison and in some crazy dragon place. Was this what the real world was like? Was it full of dragons?

His face broke into an earsplitting grin. There were so many things he wanted to do. Run in the grass, eat,  play in the sun, eat, climb trees and explore mountains, and most importantly, eat.

His stomach growled.

He tiptoed out of his room, glancing up and down the dimly lit hallways.

“Hey-you the new kid?”

Cameron jumped at the sound of a girl’s voice. He turned and saw a smirking girl with wavy brown hair standing on the stairs.

“Uh-yeah. I’m Cameron,”

“Cool. I’m Elisabeth Lexington. You can call me Liz, or Lexie. Chalis told me to get you. Breakfast is ready. First day, and you’re already behind!” Liz gave a laugh and turned down the stairs.

Cameron stared after her, as if in a trance. Then he shrugged. Breakfast sounded nice.

When he got downstairs, three kids, including Lexie, were at the table. Cameron stood in the shadows at the doorway, afraid the go in, until one guy with blond hair glanced up.


You know that sketch where I tried to copy the HTTYD style? I decided to digitize it :D RN, thanks so much for the link to the free Paint Tool SAI-it was a life saver! I think my finger cramps have dramatically minimized and it was alot less confusing…I need to get a tablet..Anyways, here it is:

Yikes, that turned out larger than I expected..

On to other subjects, I finished the Fablehaven series and now I’m sad, like at the end of the Harry Potter series, but not as.

They’re great books-I highly recommend them!

School starts tomorrow *Horrific gasp* I feel like I’m going to hate my teachers, because they’re all old ladies that could do with less feeding (I know that sounds mean…) And I heard Silver team’s the worst team, which I believe. It wasn’t hard to believe. But atleast three of my best friends got onto my team, and one, Abby, is even in my homeroom :D

Also, this year, another best friend is moving :( so she won’t be there. She might even be already gone..

So, student wise, I got into a good team. Teacher wise, I did horribly.


Last night my friend emailed me saying that school would start soon. For all I knew, school started in 2 weeks or something (I’m hopeless) and I was like:

…but I’m better now ^^

These are some cool deleted scenes from HTTYD; they’re hilarious!

Axe to Grind

Goodbye at the Docks


Sorry I don’t know how to insert the videos..

Oh, and I went on meez-a place I haven’t been in a long time:

Nothing interesting because I only used free stuff; except for the broom…

And here’s a sketch; I tried to copy the style used in HTTYD:





Chapter 2:

Cameron stared uncertainly at the dragon before him, his legs shaking. He was definitely dreaming, he decided. Of course he couldn’t sneak out of prison and meet a pretty woman who turned into an inky black dragon. Things like that didn’t happen.

The dragon stared at him, almost annoyed.

“Well, aren’t you going to change forms?” Chalis insisted.

Cameron felt the breeze blow between his ankles and could feel the scratchiness of the dried grass scraping his feet. That meant he wasn’t dreaming.

“Um…I don’t exactly know how?” Cameron’s voice went up at the end of the sentence, making it sound like a question.

“Don’t know-don’t know how? Oh, I get it. You don’t want to show your true form. I get it,” Chalis chuckled, “Well, I you’re sure, you can just ride on my back!”

Cameron figured the dragon was about the size of a large, adult elephant or camel. He climbed on, using the scales on her skin as footholds. The worst that can happen is I wake up. And, hey, it’s a free ride away from the prison, so why not? Cameron thought.


First two are of Phoenix, third is just a random girl…:D

I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out…Though her dress isn’t that long..

random work in progress…I don’t think I’ll finish it though I love it..

I ended up just checking out secrets of the dragon sanctuary from the library..and now I’m on the last FableHaven book.

I was thinking of drawing the scenes from ML camp..

(new story…) Part One, Chapter One:

Cameron ducked under a bush, searchlights illuminating the world around him. He was tall, thin, but had underestimated strength and physical capability. He had been framed when he was young for a crime-a murder of his parents- that he didn’t commit. I mean, come on, what seven year old could take a plastic hammer and bash their mother’s head open?

He was immediately transferred to the most elite prison in the North.

His heart hammered and blood rushed through his head. His escape tonight was incredibly easy, as if the guards had let him escape. Except, of course, the blaring red siren and blinding white lights.

Cameron dove into the bushes and started paddling across the river. No electric eels zapped him, no alligators snapped at him.

He made it to the other side safely within seconds, though true he was soaked from the top of his shaggy jet black hair to the bottoms of his toes. He was about to creep to the road to plan his next move when suddenly he was staring into the eyes of…a tiger? Whatever it was, he froze, afraid that it was all over, and when he was so close too.

The yellow-green eyes stared at him for a solid 5 seconds without blinking. Then, a body rose from the depths of the shadows, revealing an ageless woman hooded by a dark blue cloak.

“Cameron. I’ve been expecting you,” The lady grinned, showing a perfect row of shining white, unnaturally sharp teeth.

Cameron sank to his knees in relief that it was not some wild animal. Then something dawned him.

“Cameron? What? How do you know my name is Cameron? I don’t know you.”

The woman laughed, and Cameron noticed her heavy eye makeup, ripe, wine colored lips, and glowing skin. She had a very pretty appearance, as if she were model before.

“You may not know me. But I know you. Ah, kind of. I know your name and your appearance.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Chalis. I am your mentor for your training,”

“Tr-training? What?” Cameron stuttered.

“You ARE funny,” Chalis grinning. “Now, hurry, Elizabeth will get impatient.”

Before his eyes, Chalis morphed into a huge, inky black dragon, that was sleek and slender, as if made for speed and agility. It winked at him, as if saying “What are you waiting for?”

I've started trying not to use guildlines while drawing again.. well this is Chalis.

I’m finally starting to write more of “that story” I’m pretty sure I mentioned in another post…maybe? It’s at the end of this post.

I’ve made a new poptropican, that I’m determined to remember the password this time ^U^

I finally found an easier way to use my scanner. I drew a picture, and scanned it, and I’ll have to say; it turned out worse than I expected; it’s all blurry and the colors aren’t as vibrant. Here it is:

Also, I went to  Borders, and since it was going out of business, I got 3 books: Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire, FableHaven: Keys to the Demon Prison, and Warriors: The Fourth Apprentice. I’m extremely disappointed they didn’t have FableHaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sancturary, because I cannot read Keys to the Demon Prison until I get Secrets of the Dragon sanctuary, and I own all of them except Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary :(

And without further adue, the Prologue of Day and Dusk (warning, it’s quite silly):


Well, I finally got a free afternoon today and decided to doodle. Here’s what happened:

The Shaded Lady:

(sorry it’s sideways)


“Dear Potterfans,

A movement is spreading across the internet, and you’ve probably heard of it. When the credits on the 8th movie begin to roll, everyone who has loved Harry Potter over the years will raise their wands in the air and say “Mischief Managed”

I politely and hopefully ask that you will post this final send off to Harry Potter in your group Blog. We want to make this a reality, so please tell all of your members to make this happen.

with much love and thanks,

I saw this in a deviant’s journal entry. It was really sad, because I have loved Harry Potter and am an ultimate fan. For those out there for me, know that the 8th movie isn’t the end of Harry Potter.

It’s going to be heart breaking when the final movie comes out TT_TT I’m going to the midnight premier with RA and another friend-but I don’t know if I can handle it xD

Eh…weird title.

I know EVERYONE’s been apologizing for inactivity lately,’s my turn. I might have seemed dead, but now I pretty much am dead. True, I’m back from China and everything, but I just feel busier. And it doesn’t help that I’m trying to learn pirate and old English.

I feel like this is a wasted post, because that’s all x_x.

…I were in Australia with my cousin, or Antarctica. I’m pretty sure those two places are cold.

I just got a temporary Wifi Card, and I just have to use it! I also got KungFu Panda 2, HP7p1, and HTTYD! :D

And I also got a hair cut and a new app..I got alot of length chopped off..

Edit: my hair grew owwt…

This picture insert thing is so annoying >:( I’m sorry if one picture is huge and the other is in the middle of a sentence….

It’s been raining literally all day in Shanghai, no stopping. Only for like 10 minutes at a time actually.

Also, not to sound nosy or anything, but a few days ago I saw a new author named alexlikes fries or something, and today, I checked the about page, and Shaded Lady’s icon picture was alexlikesfries’s. What’s up with that?

Final thing. I’ve got a new story that just originated from a recent sketch. I’ll tell you the prologue. Any constructive critisism? I promise I won’t get mad. I might also not neccisarily use the critisism but I’ll kepp it in mind.

Ahh, actually, prologue will post later >< sowwy…

1. Can you change my user roll to administrator or something so I can edit?

2. Can I have the Staff Page password?

That is all^^;

[Off topic thing first] I’m at a friend’s house and they have a HUGE MAC! The size of 5 of my heads!

[On topic]

Here’s this really cool finger print test that friend taught me:

Okay, look at you fingerprints. You should notice that they aren’t all circles. Count how many circles you have in all on your fingers. If you have 0 in all, you are going to lose all you money. If you have 10, you will keep all of it. If you have 5, you’ll keep 50% of you money, They average is between 4 – 8. I’ve got 6, which is exact average, which isn’t average.

I’d say this test is 20% acurate, cause both my dad and brother (half my family) have 0 circles, and me and my mom have 6. xD sorry for wasting your time.

Heh heh I got into the hotel’s Wifi >=]
anyways, Our flight got canceled to Chicago, and rescheduled so the one from Chigago to China got cancelled too. And then I missed a chance to go to Canada and London!!! Argh, we could go from Toronto to London to Shanghai, or from Chicago to Shanghai and my mom chose the Chicago one before I could contribute my opinions -_-
I wanted to visit London, and maybe check out platform 9 3/4 :3:
And on top of that we lost our biggest suitcase in the luggage thingy.
So I spent half of my day just waiting.
X_x I must be wearing something extremely unlucky. We finally decided we could get to Shanghai tomorrow or something. mom just said something about Red Wine on the menu. so, what’s your favourite way to say Red Wine in a German Accent?
Ok, Now my parents say the tag fell off of the luggage so it can’t be scanned and it is literally lost somewhere in the airport.

Hotel view

I probably won’t be posting in the next three weeks or so (China=]=]) so this is a make-up post…or something like that *shrug*

This is spammy…

I am trying to work on Learning from Ashes (thanks very much, writer’s block) but yea. I have a question for RN: Can you tell me a little more about the music whisperer thing? I’m trying to include everyone in the adventure, so…can you whisper to fire or something? And what can your abilities do? Sorry, I’m a bit confused…T_T Oh, and, does everyone know you are a music whisperer?

On a different topic, I have a new crush.  Last week or so, we got our yearbooks. Me and him aren’t really on speaking terms, but he came over anyways and went “Trudy, you haven’t signed my year book yet!” And I said something really intelligent (along the lines of “mhm yes that’s true”) And so I he signed my year book:). He’s been really nice to me lately, and funny.

I would take that as a good sign, but I think I’m having hallucinations. I’m just in 6th grade anyway, too young for anything serious. The only problem about him is that he is shorter than me, and I want someone taller than me. Unfortunately, I’m pretty above average when it comes to height, so it really shortens my options a lot. All the guys taller than me are either hideous or tacky or something. x_x I have alot of troubles when it comes to guy stuff–most of my friends (and strangers) think I look 13 or 14, a year or 2 older than I really am.

Thank god school is almost over!

lol my cat just sneezed.

sorry. this was random. I don’t really know what I want to say, except that I want to post.


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